For those who are looking to stop the vicious cycle of cocaine addiction, Cocaine Anonymous is a mutual sober support group that utilizes 12-step principles that will help you find recovery. Through peer support and encouragement, Cocaine Anonymous is an effective tool in a comprehensive drug treatment and recovery plan. If you are in need of quality drug treatment for your cocaine addiction that features 12-Step support, call Guardian Recovery Network toll-free today.

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The History of Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) was founded in 1982, and it has been said that it was founded by a long time member of Alcoholics Anonymous. This individual has worked in the film industry and had noticed that several people who were having difficulty in finding help or a source of knowledge that can help people deal with the specific problems brought on by cocaine addiction. Since its formation, Cocaine Anonymous has over 48,000 members spread over 7,000 chapters throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada.

While many members of Cocaine Anonymous have addictions to cocaine, crack cocaine, speed, and other similar stimulant substances, having a specific addiction to cocaine is not a requirement to attend CA meetings. Members stress that the 12 Steps of Cocaine Anonymous are not drug-specific and they welcome any addict or alcoholic to their meetings and functions.

The Definition of a Cocaine Anonymous Group

Like all other Twelve Step based sober support groups, Cocaine Anonymous meetings provide those looking to overcome their addiction to cocaine a source of fellowship, strength, and encouragement. Cocaine Anonymous is also similar to other 12-Step groups in the fact that a meeting is defined as when two or more people gather together to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other. No matter how many people are in the group, a meeting can call itself a Cocaine Anonymous group when the following conditions are met:

  • The only requirement for membership is a person’s willingness to quit using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.
  • The group is fully self-supporting.
  • The primary purpose of the group is to help those addicted to cocaine recover through the work of Twelve Steps of Cocaine Anonymous.
  • It is no outside affiliations or any opinion on any outside issues.
  • Its public relation policy is based on attracting people to come to CA and not promotion.

The importance of the group focuses on achieving the goal of maintaining meaningful recovery. That goal is achieved through the sharing of each member’s experiences, strength, and hope with each other, helping them to identify and understand the nature of the disease of addiction.

What is the Structure of a Cocaine Anonymous Meeting?

The structure of a Cocaine Anonymous meeting is similar to those found Alcohol Annonymous, Narcotics Annonymous, and other 12-Step meetings. In general, a Cocaine Anonymous meeting can start with a prayer to those still struggling with addiction which is followed by a recognition of any new members. An explanation of what Cocaine Anonymous is and its’ goals are then read to the group followed by the Twelves Steps and Traditions of CA.

It is custom for CA meetings to hear readings specific to CA. These reading include We Can Recover which is taken from the book Hope, Faith & Courage, which are stories taken from the fellowship of CA. Other readings may take place, and then the meetings turn into a participation meeting where each member has a few minutes to speak out their experiences on a certain topic. After the participation portion of the meeting is done, sobriety chips may be handed out and after final readings, the group comes together for a final prayer.

What is the Cost to Attend Cocaine Anonymous?

Like other 12-Step groups, there is no fee to attend a Cocaine Anonymous meeting. However, a collection is taken up in order to cover the cost of room rent, literature, sobriety chips, and refreshments. Additionally, proceeds from this “passing of the hat” goes towards contributions to the District office, Area Office, and the World Service Office. This is done is accordance with the 7th tradition in which the groups are to be self-supporting and not accepting of contributions from outside sources.

Are You or a Loved One Struggling with Cocaine Addiction?

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