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Is an Outpatient Treatment Program Right For You?

Intensive outpatient treatment programs vary from less involved and more flexible, to the more focused, involved and intense. Guardian IOP offers an intensive outpatient treatment program that closely resembles traditional residential care – without the full-time commitment. Clients are able to return home every evening after a full day of individual and group therapy, 12-step immersion, relapse prevention and life skills training and addiction education.

During this phase of the recovery process, clients experience a good deal of personal freedom. They are able to work full or part-time, participate in schooling, care for dependents or take care of other personal responsibilities or obligations, all while receiving clinical care in a professional treatment setting. However, intensive outpatient treatment is not for everyone. Most of our clients come to us after recently completing a higher level of clinical care, looking to maintain accountability and continue on with therapy as they slowly transition back into fully independent living. Other clients come to us with mild substance abuse disorders, and require a lower level of supervision than would be provided in inpatient rehab. If you are considering IOP and you are wondering whether or not our program is right for you, there are several important factors to consider.

Before committing to an IOP program, carefully considering the following:

  • Have you recently completed a higher level of clinical care? If you have recently gone through medically monitored detox and a long-term residential treatment program, intensive outpatient is the next logical step. Early recovery is a vulnerable time – not only are you attempting to navigate an entirely new way of life, but you will undeniably be faced with a variety of new challenges and obstacles. IOP provides an increased amount of accountability and safe space to openly discuss these challenges while receiving unbiased support and encouragement.
  • Do you have a career that you cannot step away from for months at a time, or work-related responsibilities that cannot be ignored? IOP is an ideal option for working professionals who need to keep up with career-related obligations as they undergo treatment. Our Professionals Program is flexible and discreet, and focuses on the unique needs of clients who may not have the ability to attend treatment full-time, or who may be worried about the social implications of seeking treatment. This demographic-specific track provides clinically dynamic outpatient services in a safe and private setting, and allows clients to tend to work-related responsibilities as they arise. Some examples of professionals we treat include medical professionals, athletes, emergency first responders, business and financial professionals and law enforcement officers.
  • Are you the primary caretaker of one or more dependents, or are you currently caring for an ill loved one? If you care for a dependent or another loved one, you will undeniably need a more flexible level of clinical care. We understand that if you are looking after a child or a sick spouse or relative, you may need to be there immediately in case of an emergency. Our intensive outpatient program caters to these needs by working around your schedule.

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  • Do you currently live in a safe and healthy environment among people who completely support your recovery? If you currently live at home and your family supports your recovery, or if you live in a sober living environment, attending an IOP program is certainly a viable option. If you do decide to participate in IOP – which dentes much more personal freedom and responsibility – it is important that you return home to a safe space where drugs and alcohol can be easily avoided.
  • Is your substance abuse disorder considered mild? Substance abuse disorders range from mild to moderate and severe. Individuals who are suffering from a mild substance abuse disorder have not yet developed a physical dependence – they have been misusing a substance for a short period of time, but have not yet developed a tolerance and do not experience withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped entirely. If you are concerned about problem use, but you can still step away from your substance of choice, IOP is an ideal option.
  • Have you experienced any significant personal consequences as a direct result of drinking or drug use? Long-term inpatient treatment is often beneficial for men and women who are facing a wide range of personal consequences, including interpersonal problems, financial issues, legal issues and a decline in physical health. Being in a controlled and residential environment allows them to undergo treatment without becoming distracted by these consequences and their implications. If your substance abuse disorder remains mild, and if you have not yet experienced any severe ramifications, IOP is a great choice.
  • Are you currently experiencing financial limitations? Attending a three-month long residential rehab program can be quite costly, especially if you are currently uninsured or underinsured. IOP offers a similar level of care, though it can be significantly more affordable for those who are not capable of covering the cost of a traditional, multi-phased recovery program.

If it sounds like intensive outpatient treatment is an ideal option for you and your personal needs and requirements, reach out to Guardian IOP today. Our Treatment Advisors will conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone in order to confirm that our program will best suit you.

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Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

The Services We Provide

If intensive outpatient is an appropriate level of care for where you currently are in your recovery program, the next step is determining which of our provided services best meet your individualized needs. At Guardian IOP we offer a wide range of effective treatment services, including:

Our program lasts for between 8 and 10 weeks depending on your personal needs, and includes a combination of daily group therapy sessions, thorough addiction education, the development of vital life skills, relapse prevention training and much more. We believe that family is an integral part of every phase of addiction recovery, and our main priority is helping you and your loved ones achieve thorough and authentic healing.

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If you are looking for an effective IOP program in your area, Guardian IOP has two locations – one in Delray Beach, Florida and one in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Both of our locations provide the same extensive treatment services, and both programs are run by a team of experienced and dedicated substance abuse and mental health professionals. If you would like to learn more about either of our locations contact us today.

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If you believe that our intensive outpatient program would be a good fit and you would like to learn more about our admissions process, give us a call today at (888) 693-1894. Our Treatment Advisors are standing by to take your call, and the moment you get in touch they begin by conducting an over-the-phone pre-assessment. They ask a series of simple, non-invasive questions with the goal of getting to know you, your personal history with substance abuse and your treatment goals a little more in-depth. If we believe that our comprehensive recovery program can help you meet all of your goals, we set to work developing a date and time for your in-person addiction assessment and intake. We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you begin – or continue – your personal journey of recovery.

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