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When an individual begins abusing alcohol or drugs, his or her intent is not to become an addict. Despite knowing the risk of addiction, individuals tend to believe that they will be the exception to the rule and retain control of their substance abuse. Many times it is curiosity that causes an individual to experiment with recreational substance abuse, but there are many other times when someone who is prescribed an opiate medication for a legitimate condition increases the dosage of his or her own volition.

No matter the route to dependency, it always begins with individuals believing that they will be able to prevent themselves from becoming addicted or stop the substance abuse before addiction occurs; however, soon enough they find that when they attempt to cease intake of the substance they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, at which point the reality of the addiction begins to set in.

Addiction is an encompassing, all-consuming disease. Not only is it chronic, but it’s also progressive, getting persistently worse with time. Fortunately, there are many avenues toward recovery, but rehabilitation doesn’t mean that an individual has been cured. Rather, recovery is a continuous, lifelong endeavor to which one must dedicate continuous time, energy, and effort. As an individual in recovery accrues more and more sober time, sustaining sobriety becomes easier as the sober lifestyle becomes habitual and instinctive. However, there are many components to a lasting, long-term recovery, often beginning with an intensive treatment program such as that offered at Guardian Intensive Outpatient.

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In addition to counseling and psychotherapy, group and family sessions, as well as a number of supplemental and alternative therapies, have proven to be instrumental in achieving lasting sobriety. Additionally, there’s growing evidence for the ability of twelve step programs to help individuals maintain sobriety long-term, which is why Guardian IOP incorporates the twelve-step method into our treatment curriculum.

What are 12 Step Programs?

In 1935, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith founded what would become Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron, Ohio. Wilson—himself an alcoholic—had found the existing support groups lacking and developed his renowned Twelve Steps as he tried to aid Smith in his recovery from alcoholism, culminating in the first publication of the fellowship’s methodology, practices, and principles in 1939. In the proceeding years, Alcoholics Anonymous and its derivative twelve step groups—Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, and so on—have accrued membership numbering in the millions.

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One of the unique features of twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous is that it is a nonprofessional, self-supporting group that is run by members; rather than being directed through recovery by psychotherapists and counselors, twelve step recovery is a method that involves individuals working through a series of steps as they progress from a state of suffering from addiction to a place of physical, mental, social, and spiritual recovery. Over the course of the Twelve Steps, individuals accept their powerlessness to the substances to which they are addicted, appeal to the higher power of their understandings for help in recovery, take a moral inventory, make amends to those who have wronged over the course of members’ active addictions, and eventually progress to a point where they are able to help other, newer members work through each of the Twelve Steps.

Why It’s Important to Include Twelve Step Immersion in Intensive Outpatient Treatment

When an individual begins the process of recovery, he or she often spends a significant amount of time in counseling, whether in an individual, group, or family setting. In fact, many of the treatments used in a recovery program can be very clinical in nature, which can lead to other important aspects of recovery—emotional and spiritual in particular—falling somewhat by the wayside. However, twelve step recovery is known for having an emphasis on one’s emotional and spiritual healing from addiction, which is why incorporating the twelve step method into an intensive outpatient program can yield optimal results. In short, combining the spiritual approach of a twelve step program with evidence-based therapies create a comprehensive, total treatment plan for those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.

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The disease of addiction doesn’t just affect individuals’ physical health but has a profound effect in one’s mental and emotional health as well as social and spiritual well-being. Although counseling and psychotherapy are effective in helping individuals learn to be sober and achieve sobriety, twelve step programs tend to appeal to those in recovery due to addressing one’s spiritual and emotional needs. As part of twelve step immersion at Guardian Intensive Outpatient, we help individuals to work through each of the Twelve Steps as part of the recovery process.

In short, incorporating the Twelve Steps into our curriculum facilitates individuals’ acceptance of the reality that addiction has overpowered their will, turning oneself over to the recovery process, and conviction to devote ongoing effort to sobriety. This encourages individuals to take a more proactive part in rehabilitation by reflecting on oneself and one’s spiritual needs, utilizing the time-tested and renowned Twelve Steps as a roadmap toward lasting sobriety while participating in our other quality treatments.

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Just as addiction doesn’t happen overnight, recovery is a journey. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction and would like to learn more about the journey toward rehabilitation, let Guardian Intensive Outpatient help you today. We have a team of experienced Treatment Advisors available to help those in need find the treatment that can deliver them to lives of health, fulfillment, and sobriety.