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No two cases of substance abuse are exactly the same, and therefore no two programs of recovery will be identical. Some individuals will require a long-term program of clinical care, one that begins with medical detox and advances on to an extended stay in an inpatient treatment facility. Other individuals will benefit immensely from a short-term program of clinical care, one that includes outpatient treatment and ongoing therapy, for example. At Guardian IOP, we offer extremely individualized care, providing men and women of all ages with a variety of recovery-related services that are custom tailored to meet all of their unique needs.

Outpatient addiction treatment is a less restrictive level of clinical care, one that allows for more flexibility and personal freedom than a traditional inpatient program. At Guardian IOP, our outpatient addiction treatment program meets between three and four days a week for between 10 and 12 hours altogether. Our professionally developed program provides clients with a wide range of proven therapeutic modalities and additional recovery-related services. In order to provide the most focused treatment experience available, we break our group therapy sessions down into demographic-specific tracks, which include gender-specific and age-specific treatment options. We treat men and women of all ages and walks of life who have either completed a higher level of clinical care and are looking for additional support, or who have chosen outpatient treatment as a standalone option for one of several reasons.

Our IOP Program and the Importance of Demographic-Specific Tracks

Breaking group therapy sessions down by demographic allows for an increased level of focus and attention paid to experiences, challenges and topics that might be specific to one demographic or another. While addiction is certainly a disease that does not discriminate, certain individuals will have entirely different experiences with active addiction than others. In order to provide each of our clients with a more individualized experience, we break our group sessions down by gender, age, socioeconomic status and occupation. At Guardian IOP, we are dedicated to providing the most effective and individualized clinical care available. In order to do so, we offer a wide range of demographic-specific tracks.

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The demographic-specific tracks we offer include:

Gender-Specific Programs – Not only does substance abuse and dependence affect men and women in different ways, but overall life experiences vary significantly based on gender. For example, men are more likely than women to engage in substance abuse as a means of self-medication, seeing as many of them observe the societal standard that suggests men should be “strong” and “masculine,” and that masculinity does not equate to emotional vulnerability. Women are more likely than men to suffer from a mental health condition and substance abuse simultaneously. Breaking group therapy sessions down by gender allows for more effective treatment overall, and allows group focus on these unique challenges and many others.

Women’s Rehab – It has been repeatedly proven that women feel more comfortable opening up about their own personal experiences with substance abuse and a group of other women. Our female-specific rehab program focuses on topics that are unique to women, such as motherhood, the impacts of domestic violence, overcoming negative body image, fulfilling the expected role of homemaker and more. Women offer one another peer support in a safe and structured environment, and learn to develop healthy and lasting friendships with other women in the outpatient program.

Men’s Rehab – Our men’s rehab program focuses on topics that are unique to men, like perceived masculinity, pressures related to work and the expectation of being the “breadwinner,” healthy emotional expression, working through anger and aggression in healthy and productive ways and how to communicate effectively with other men. Our men’s rehab program is open to men of all ages, and works to facilitate the development of long-term friendships while equipping men with the skills they need to maintain a solid program of recovery.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Age Specific Programs – At Guardian IOP, we break our outpatient program down into age-specific groups – we offer an older adult program, an adult rehab program and a younger adult program. Men and women in different age brackets tend to have entirely different experiences with substance abuse – and with life in general. breaking our group sessions down by age allows for more focused treatment experience overall.

Older Adult Program – Our older adult program offers a comprehensive therapeutic treatment experience for men and women over the age of 65. This age-specific program focuses on a wide range of topics unique to seniors, including the death of a spouse, transitioning into retirement and dealing with newly emerging chronic health conditions.

Adult Rehab Program – Our adult rehab program is both comprehensive and highly individualized, and caters to men and women who have been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any type or severity. This unique program covers age-specific addiction issues ranging from career and financial stability to family structure and mental health.

Younger Adult Program – Our younger adult program was carefully designed to provide younger adults with a safe and supportive environment in which to openly discuss age-specific issues related to substance abuse and dependence. Young adults and adolescents deal with a wide range of experiences that are unique to members of their own specific demographic, such as peer pressure, synthetic drug use and stresses relating to school.

Professionals Program – Our professionals program caters to men and women who work high-powered jobs and who might not be able to step away from their careers entirely for any extended period of time. Our professionals program was designed for healthcare workers, psychologists, pilots, lawyers, CEOs, first responders, police officers and more.

Once groups are broken down by demographic, allowing for a more focused treatment experience, clients will undergo a range of therapeutic services as part of our comprehensive therapy program. Some of the therapeutic programs we offer include:

12 Step Program – 12-step program involvement is fundamental to every effective recovery program. At Guardian IOP, we offer our clients a thorough 12-step program education and require daily 12-step meeting attendance. We also encourage all of our clients to actively work through the 12 steps with a sponsor of their choosing.

Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention training is essential to the maintenance of long-term sobriety. We teach our clients how to effectively identify all of their personal relapse triggers, and work through these triggers with a combination of healthy coping mechanisms and essential life skills.

Family Therapy – At Guardian IOP, we believe in the importance of family involvement. We offer family therapy sessions to all of our clients and their loved ones, which are facilitated by one of our licensed family therapists and which focus on restoring healthy family functioning. We also offer additional family-oriented resources, like addiction education and a family retreat workshop.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is an effective psychotherapeutic treatment method that helps our clients identify unhealthy behavioral patterns while working towards improved emotional regulation and the development of essential coping mechanisms. We utilize this method of therapy in individual and group sessions.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also known as DBT, is a proven method of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches clients to live in the moment as they regulate their emotions, cope with stress and improve their relationship with others and with the world around them.

Lifeskills Training – Some of the life skills training Services we provide include vocational training, education placement, the importance of budgeting and working towards financial independence, nutritional and fitness programs that teach clients how to care for their physical bodies and more. Active addiction strips individuals of their ability to function at a basic human level – we teach our clients the vital life skills they need in order to thrive as productive members of society.

Individual & Group Therapy – We offer individual therapy sessions that occur at least once a week, and group therapy sessions that focus on a wide range of pertinent topics. intensive therapeutic care is the backbone of our comprehensive outpatient treatment program.

Family Workshop – We offer the family members of our clients the opportunity to participate in a therapeutically guided family workshop, which was carefully designed to improve healthy family functioning while offering family members additional support and guidance.

Yoga Therapy – We offer professionally guided yoga therapy as part of our comprehensive treatment program. Not only does yoga therapy help clients learn to live in the present moment, but it has been an effective and proven method of pain management.

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At Guardian IOP we believe that quality clinical care should be readily available to everyone who needs it. Our individualized outpatient recovery program is broken down by demographic, and provides a wide range of proven and effective therapeutic methods. While we do recommend that our outpatient program is utilized as part of a multi-phased continuum of clinical care, intensive outpatient treatment can be a standalone solution for some individuals. If you would like to learn whether or not outpatient treatment is the right choice for you, or if you would like to learn more about our integrated recovery services give us a call today at (888) 693-1894, we are available to help you 24/7.