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Prescription drug abuse has become an increasing problem throughout the United states, and it is an issue that affects men and women of all age groups and in all demographics. Identifying prescription drug abuse early on could prevent misuse from developing into addiction. Outpatient treatment is an ideal option for men and women who have been misusing prescription medications, but who have not yet experienced the mental obsession and severe consequences that go hand-in-hand with substance dependency. At Guardian IOP we offer integrated outpatient treatment services, providing a comprehensive and therapeutic recovery program to men and women of all ages in Southern Florida and New Jersey. We have extensive experience treating mild and moderate prescription medication addictions, helping individuals overcome substance abuse and go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Commonly Abused Prescription Medications

There are three main types of prescription medication that are commonly abused – prescription opioids, prescription stimulants and prescription sedatives (central nervous system depressants). The signs and symptoms associated with prescription drug abuse will vary depending on the type of medication that is being abused.

  • Prescription opioid abuse: Opioid narcotics like oxycodone and hydrocodone are used to treat moderate to severe pain. Associated symptoms include nausea, constipation, confusion, a lack of coordination, respiratory depression and fleeting feelings of intense euphoria.
  • Prescription stimulant abuse: Prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin are used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Associated symptoms include rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, increased alertness and energy levels, reduced appetite, anxiety, paranoia and insomnia.
  • Prescription sedative abuse: Anti-anxiety medications and prescription tranquilizers like Xanax, Ambien and Klonopin (also known as benzodiazepines) are commonly used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. Associated symptoms include confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, memory loss, slurred speech and dangerously slowed breathing.

If you believe that you or someone you love has been abusing a prescription medication of any kind, reaching out for professional help is extremely important no matter how minor or severe the addiction is.

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Our Individualized Prescription Medication Outpatient Rehab Services

At Guardian IOP we are dedicated to providing adults who have been struggling with prescription medication addiction with the most comprehensive and effective clinical care available. Our team of professionals has combined decades of experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health. They have developed an integrated program of recovery that combines proven therapeutic methods with holistic modalities, focusing on the individual and a successful return to completely independent, substance-free living.

The treatment services we provide as part of our outpatient program include:

  • Demographic-specific treatment options – At Guardian IOP we break our treatment program down by demographic, allowing for a more focused treatment experience and more individualized clinical care. In addition to offering male and female-specific outpatient programs, we offer a program for older adults, a program for adults and a program for younger adults. Members of different demographics tend to undergo a variety of unique experiences and face challenges that are specific to their gender or age group.
  • Individual and group therapy – Clients have the opportunity to meet with one of our licensed therapists in a one-on-one session at least once a week. During individual therapy sessions, clients delve deeper into their personal history with substance abuse, unique challenges they are facing in early sobriety and the presence of any underlying disorders. group therapy sessions take place regularly, and focus on a variety of recovery-related topics. Group therapy sessions allow clients to provide and accept peer support while further developing healthy communication skills.
  • Family therapy and additional family-oriented resources – At Guardian IOP we believe that the immediate family should be involved in every single stage of the early recovery process. We offer family therapy sessions, facilitated by a licensed family therapist, and provide the loved ones of our clients with a wide range of additional resources and services.
  • Relapse prevention training – Our relapse prevention training program helps clients identify relapse triggers and notice early warning signs associated with potential relapse. It also works to help clients develop the healthy coping mechanisms they need in order to avoid relapse at all costs. During outpatient treatment, clients are faced with a much higher level of personal freedom and far less structure – they will be able to actively apply the coping mechanisms and life skills they learned in real-life situations, and process their experiences in a safe and supportive group setting.
  • Life skills training – A major part of every effective outpatient treatment program is the development of crucial life skills. We teach our clients how to work towards financial independence by budgeting and saving, we teach them how to succeed in the workplace or thrive at school, and how to effectively take care of their physical bodies through nutrition and exercise. We also focus on life skills like healthy communication, self-care and setting and maintaining personal boundaries.
  • Long-term aftercare planning – While clinical treatment might end once outpatient treatment concludes, it is still important that every client has a long-term aftercare plan in place. This aftercare plan will typically include a continuation of 12-step program involvement, a continuation of individual therapy and any additional services that are required (such as a continuation of yoga therapy for ongoing pain management, for example).
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options – We offer dual diagnosis treatment options for men and women who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. If one of our clients is already taking a medication for an underlying mental health condition, we offer medication management and regular assessments with an on-staff psychiatrist.
  • Holistically based therapeutic methods of recovery – We offer a wide range of proven holistic treatment methods, including yoga therapy, experiential therapy, art therapy and equine therapy.

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Our outpatient treatment program is essentially a more flexible and less time-consuming version of residential treatment. We provide all of the same services, ensuring that each of our clients is receiving the most integrated clinical care available. Our main goal is to help clients prevent relapse long-term, and go on to lead the fulfilling, substance-free lives they deserve.

Prescription Medications and Outpatient Rehab

Depending on which prescription medication was being abused and the severity of abuse, outpatient treatment can serve as a stand-alone option. However, it is often recommended that our outpatient treatment program serves as the final phase of a long-term continuum of clinical care – one that also includes medically monitored detox and residential rehab. There are several reasons why an individual might opt to enter into our outpatient program without first having completed residential treatment, including:

  • The prescription drug abuse disorder is still very mild – For example, an individual who was prescribed Xanax for a severe panic disorder might have started taking slightly more than the recommended dose. This behavior might have gone on for one or two weeks, and before the substance abuse disorder became more severe the individual reached out for professional help. In a case like this, our outpatient treatment program would be an ideal standalone option.
  • Someone is the primary caregiver for one or more dependents, or cannot take an extended break from his or her job – Our outpatient treatment program offers flexible clinical care that can easily be scheduled around your personal obligations and responsibilities.
  • Financial circumstances – Outpatient treatment tends to be a significantly more affordable option. Guardian IOP also works with most major regional and national health insurance providers in order to make our program of recovery even more accessible.
  • A higher level of clinical care has already been completed – The majority of men and women who transition into our outpatient program have already completed medical detox and residential treatment, and are looking for additional support as they navigate early sobriety.

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If you or your loved one has been suffering from a prescription drug addiction Guardian IOP is here to help. Our outpatient prescription medications rehab program was developed by an experienced team of professionals, and provides a range of effective addiction treatment methods in an intensive therapeutic environment. Our main priority is providing clients and their families with the assistance they need to successfully make it through the recovery process. To learn more about our flexible, integrated and highly personalized outpatient treatment program give us a call today at (888) 693-1894, we are available to help you 24/7.