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First Health Network Insurance for Addiction Recovery

First Health Network Insurance, one of the largest Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance providers in the country, serves individuals and families throughout Michigan and Colorado. First Health Network is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for quality healthcare, making necessary medical services accessible to those in need. A PPO health insurance plan is essentially, “A type of health plan that contracts with medical providers, such as hospitals and doctors, to create a network of participating providers. You pay less if you use providers that belong to the plan’s network,” as according to Those who are insured through First Health Network have access to all doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers outside of the network for a (typically small) additional cost. The good news is that Guardian IOP is in-network with First Health Network, meaning that all of the recovery-related services we provide are covered in full.

Behavioral Health and Health Insurance

Up until recently, mental health and physical health were considered essentially unrelated, and individuals with mental health concerns required a different form of insurance in order to receive any applicable services. As of 2014, most major insurance providers are legally required to cover mental health services, behavioral health services and substance abuse treatment. When the Affordable Care Act was passed by the Obama administration, it mandated that mental health services be considered essential, and that those in need of substance abuse treatment (medically monitored detox, inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment) have immediate access to these services at no additional cost – assuming the service provider in-network. As previously mentioned, all of the services provided by Guardian IOP are in-network with First Health Network, meaning that if you are currently insured through this major provider there is a very good chance that you will be left with very few – if any – out-of-pocket expenses. If you are unsure whether or not your current policy covers our IOP program, feel free to reach out at any point in time for a free, no obligation insurance benefit check.

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The Services Covered by First Health Network

Recovery-related services that are completely covered by First Health Network include:

  • In-depth clinical and medical assessments – As soon as a client is admitted to our intensive outpatient treatment program, he or she undergoes an in-depth evaluation to help our clinical and therapeutic team develop a personalized treatment plan. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process, and different clients require different services. For example, one individual might require dual diagnosis treatment services while another requires trauma-informed care. These assessments continue over the course of the recovery process, and individualized treatment and aftercare programs are adjusted and modified as necessary.
  • Case management services – Each client is assigned a case manager, who helps walk them through the recovery process and develop a viable aftercare plan while serving as the main point of contact for the loved ones of the client. One of the most important roles of the case manager is helping develop a personalized program of continuing care.
  • Intensive therapeutic services – We offer individual therapy sessions once every week, group therapy sessions five times per week (every day that our IOP program meets) and family therapy and additional family-oriented services wherever applicable.
  • Psychiatric care – In many instances, our clients simultaneously suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. Our on-staff psychiatrists provide dual diagnosis treatment, prescribing beneficial antipsychotic medications whenever deemed necessary.
  • Holistic treatment services – At Guardian IOP we believe in an integrated continuum of care, meaning that we tackle the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual implications of addiction. Some of the holistic services we provide include art therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga and guided meditation.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • Relapse prevention, life skills and vocational training – Many individuals who struggle with active addiction lose the ability to function at a basic human level. Many basic skills must be relearned as a result. We teach our clients how to identify and work through relapse triggers, how to take care of themselves successfully and how to apply for and maintain an appropriate job.
  • Aftercare planning – Aftercare planning is essential to the maintenance of long-term sobriety. While aftercare programs are individualized, most include 12 step program involvement, a continuation of therapy and any other beneficial recovery-related services.

Our intensive outpatient program was carefully developed with long-term sobriety in mind. We believe that a continuation of clinical care is crucial to the successful avoidance of relapse – once an individual has completed an inpatient treatment program, it is strongly suggested that he or she transfer into an IOP program immediately. This allows for a smooth transition back into independent living; clients can process the recovery-related challenges they face in day-to-day life in a safe and supportive environment. Clients offer one another peer support as they further develop healthy communication skills.

IOP might also be an ideal choice for an individual who has been struggling with a very minor substance abuse disorder, and wants to take care of it thoroughly and effectively before it progresses. Some of our clients also have dependents that they are the sole caretaker for, or have a high-powered career that they cannot completely step away from for months at a time. Regardless of your current circumstances, we offer flexible and effective clinical care, allowing you to overcome substance abuse issues once and for all.

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Covering the Cost of Treatment

At Guardian IOP we understand that the stress involved in covering the cost of addiction treatment could be a major deterrent for those who are in need of professional care. Our goal is to make quality clinical care affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it. We are also dedicated to making the entire process as stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones. If you have been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any severity, we are available to help. Simply give our Treatment Advisors a call and they will immediately set to work helping you develop a viable intake plan. Covering the cost of treatment can certainly seem overwhelming – but it truly never has to be. Whether you are currently insured, underinsured or entirely uninsured, there are options available to you. Not only do we accept most major health insurance providers, but we accept private pay and out-of-pocket payment. We work with you, remaining flexible and understanding that active addiction often severely compromises financial capability. Many of our staff members have either overcome addiction themselves or have helped a family member through the recovery process – therefore, our staff members always come from a place of respect, deep compassion and understanding.

Free, No Obligation Insurance Benefit Check

If you are unsure how much of your intensive outpatient experience is covered, simply give us a call for a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. In most cases, the benefit check happens in a matter of minutes. As soon as we determine that our treatment services are covered partially or in full, we set to work developing a plan for intake.

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At Guardian IOP we believe that quality clinical care should be easily accessible, which is why we work closely with most major health insurance providers. If you are currently insured through First Health Network or any other major provider, there is a very good chance that your entire IOP experience is covered in full. To learn more about our comprehensive and highly individualized program of recovery, or for your free, no obligation insurance benefit check, reach out to Guardian IOP today.