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Over the course of active addiction, an individual’s way of life changes dramatically. The effects of alcohol or drug addiction include the deterioration of one’s physical health, altered patterns of thought and major changes in behavior that negatively impact other areas of one’s life. Over time, addicts lose many of the basic life skills essential to their independence and survival, or, perhaps, their addiction developed before those skills could ever be learned. As a result, part of an addict’s recovery must involve reacquiring those life skills that are central, not only to sobriety, but to living as a stable, self-sufficient adult.

What is Life Skills Training for Substance Abuse & Addiction?

When someone is in the throes of an active addiction, substance abuse becomes the center of their life. Most other aspects of their life fall by the wayside, including things like hobbies and interests. Their daily routines change dramatically, and their ability to be self-sufficient suffers, if it was ever developed at all. Many people become addicted to drugs or alcohol during their teenage years and never learn the necessary skills to function as a stable adult. It is important for a comprehensive addiction recovery program to incorporate life skills training into its curriculum, so that graduates are prepared for life after treatment.

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Life skills training is educational sessions that help those in recovery learn the skills essential to being a self-sufficient, independent adult. One of the most basic life skills individuals in recovery must learn is how to process and manage the emotions, stress and anxiety that is a natural part of adulthood. It is important for individuals to be able to cope with emotions and stress in a healthy manner, since substance abuse is often the primary coping mechanism of an addict. Additionally, life-skills training will teach newly sober individuals basic nutrition and hygiene, which are crucial to addressing their most basic needs. Developing social skills and learning to communicate effectively and respectfully are also an important focuses of life skills training, allowing individuals to form and sustain healthy relationships with others.

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How Guardian IOP Utilizes Life Skills Training to Facilitate Recovery from Addiction

Through the life skills training offered at Guardian Intensive Outpatient, individuals learn a variety of skills and strategies that are essential components of lasting recovery.

Those participating in our programming will:

  • Develop healthy coping methods
  • Acquire decision-making skills
  • Learn to effectively express thoughts and emotions
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop leadership and cooperation skills
  • Understand the importance of exercise and nutrition
  • Re-learn basic self-care

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The Importance of Like Skills in Achieving Lasting Sobriety

There are many reasons why an individual might relapse back into active addiction. The key to success in recovery is to anticipate possible triggers and learn how to overcome them. One of the most common reasons individuals relapse after treatment is being ill-prepared for sobriety. Specifically, many individuals relapse as a result of stress and anxiety, or the experience of hardship and adversity.

Life skills training helps individuals to prepare for instances in which relapse could be possible by arming them with the skills and strategies to be independent, self-sufficient adults. The most basic goal of our life skills training is to build an individual’s understanding of addiction, their own unique needs, how to anticipate a relapse and maintain long-term sobriety.

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Alcohol and drug addiction is an all-consuming disease that strips individuals of their potential and independence. Guardian IOP offers life skills training that helps fortify the sobriety of those in recovery. If you or someone you love is suffering from chemical dependency and would like to learn about life skills training, or other available treatments, call Guardian Intensive Outpatient today. One of our Treatment Advisors will help you develop a recovery curriculum that addresses your individual needs. A better, healthier life is only a phone call away, at (888) 693-1894.