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What to Expect

Intensive outpatient treatment provides an time-intensive and highly integrated program of recovery, but allows for more personal freedom and flexibility than one would find in a traditional inpatient rehab. At Guardian IOP our intensive outpatient program is well-suited for men and women who are suffering from a mild substance abuse disorder, who are not afflicted with any severe, underlying mental health conditions and who have a solid system of support to return home to every evening.

If you have recently committed to an IOP program, or if you are looking into IOP options, you are likely wondering what to expect. What does a standard day look like? In addition to individual and group therapy, what recovery-related services are offered?

Our IOP program is unique in that it provides comprehensive and highly individualized care – no two treatment plans are identical. Upon admission to our program, you will undergo an in-depth addiction assessment, which focuses on your personal history with substance abuse, your family history, your current physical health and the presence of any diagnosed mental health conditions. Our clinical team then develops a unique and integrated treatment plan based on this assessment. While treatment plans vary based on individual requirements, you can expect access to several standard services.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services and Programs

Guardian IOP provides the following treatment services:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Lifeskills training
  • Breathwork therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Experiential therapy

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You can expect to participate in the following treatment programs:

  • Relapse prevention – Our relapse prevention program helps clients identify and effectively work through personal relapse triggers, while recognizing the early warning signs associated with relapse.
  • Demographic-specific treatment programs – In addition to male and female-specific programs, we offer programs for older adults, adults, younger adults and working professionals. Breaking group sessions down by demographic leads to a more focused and individualized treatment experience.
  • 12-step program – Our 12-step program focuses on education and immersion, walking clients through each of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous while requiring daily 12 step meeting attendance and active engagement in stepwork.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program – Our dual diagnosis program caters to clients with underlying mental health conditions. In order for treatment to be effective, all co-occurring disorders must be treated simultaneously. We specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and personality disorders.
  • Trauma-informed program – If a client is suffering from unresolved trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, we will pair him or her up with a therapist who has a personal background in trauma-informed care.
  • Family-oriented program – In many cases, the difference between long-term sobriety and eventual relapse lies in the level of family involvement. The more involved the loved ones of our clients are, the better. We offer family therapy and a Family Workshop as part of our family-oriented treatment program.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • Healing and Supportive Environment

As soon as you are admitted to Guardian IOP, you can expect to undergo a powerful process of mental and emotional healing in a safe and supportive environment. Not only does our home-style retreat facility lend itself to comfort and relaxation, but our compassionate staff members immediately make each client feel welcomed and right at home. We believe that in order to thoroughly heal, clients must feel safe and protected at all times. Our clinical facility is a judgement-free zone, where you can feel assured that you are being advocated for every single day.

  • Individual and Group Therapy

If you decide to commit to our intensive outpatient program, you can expect to undergo a significant amount of individual and group therapy sessions. Therapeutic healing is the backbone of our recovery program, and our team of licensed therapists have decades of combined experience in the fields of substance abuse and mental health. Many of our therapists are trained to provide a trauma-oriented approach to treatment, and each of our team members brings a different level of insight and firsthand experience to the table. In individual therapy sessions, you are able to dive deeper into your personal issues and the unique set of challenges you face. In group therapy sessions, you work through a range of recovery-related topics while offering and accepting peer support. You can expect to hone healthy communication skills while developing lasting friendships with other members of the group.

  • A High Level of Family Involvement

At Guardian IOP we believe that the family should be involved during every stage of the recovery process, from medical detox through continuing care. We have developed a recovery program that relies heavily on family involvement, encouraging our clients and their loved ones to heal simultaneously. We offer family therapy sessions that are facilitated by one of our licensed family therapists, and an intensive, three-day Family Workshop that focuses on a return to healthy familial functioning.

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  • A Thorough Introduction to the 12 Steps

At Guardian IOP we believe that ongoing 12-step program involvement is essential to the continuation of sobriety. There is ample evidence supporting the fact that men and women who stay actively involved in Alcoholics Anonymous after treatment have significantly lower chance of relapse than those who do not. We thoroughly introduce clients to each of the 12 steps and the principle behind that step, while requiring daily off-site meeting attendance and active engagement in stepwork.

  • Expert-Led Health and Wellness Workshops

In order to provide the most comprehensive clinical care available, we regularly bring in experts in the realm of Health and Wellness to lead intensive, hands-on group sessions. Some of the recovery-related topics covered include the medical aspects of substance use, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, reiki, working through grief and loss, HIV and Hepatitis C education and overdose prevention. Our goal is to bring in as many specialists as possible, providing our clients with integrated care while introducing them to a range of effective holistic treatment methods.

  • Sober Living Placement

In many cases, clients who are actively engaged in intensive outpatient treatment will simultaneously reside in a sober living house. With so many housing options in both Delray Beach, Florida and New Brunswick, New Jersey, it is important that you know what to look for. If you are currently looking for a sober home in either of these two areas (or any surrounding areas), you can expect to be assisted through the sober living placement process. At Guardian IOP we work closely with many reputable, gender-specific sober homes along the East Coast.

  • A Plan for Continuing Care

It is important to note that recovery is a lifelong journey, although clinical treatment does eventually conclude. In order to maintain success in sobriety, it is crucial that you have a personalized plan for continuing care in place. Our treatment team will help you develop this plan, and will help to keep you accountable by checking in regularly and encouraging participation in our alumni events. Most aftercare plans include a continuation of daily 12-step program involvement, continued one-on-one therapy sessions and ongoing psychiatric services whenever necessary.

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