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Sadly, many women who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism do not end up receiving the clinical care they need simply because they feel they cannot take ample time away from their obligations at home or at work. Checking into an inpatient treatment family for between one and three months might not be a viable option if a woman is caring for dependents or working a full-time job in order to support herself and others. While it is always recommended that medically monitored detox is immediately followed by admission to a gender-specific inpatient treatment program, we understand that this is not always a possibility. Fortunately, there are other treatment options available. Guardian IOP offers gender-specific intensive outpatient programming to women who do not require residential care, who cannot take ample time away from their busy lives or who have already completed a higher level of clinical care and are simply looking to continue along in their recovery journey.

What is IOP?

Intensive outpatient programming, more commonly referred to as IOP, is an effective and less demanding alternative to inpatient addiction treatment. Individuals who participate in an IOP program typically meet five days a week for several hours each day, allowing them to return home every evening and take care of any personal responsibilities that they might be unable to step away from for an extended period of time. Like inpatient treatment, IOP provides clients with intensive therapeutic care, relapse prevention and life skills training, and any additional addiction treatment services they may need in order to successfully overcome substance abuse and dependence long-term. At Guardian IOP we believe that quality clinical care should be readily available to all those who need it, and that an inability to commit to an overnight treatment program should not deter anyone from seeking the professional treatment they need. If you are suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder but you cannot commit to a long-term, residential treatment program, our comprehensive and individualized IOP program might be an ideal solution. Simply give us a call today and we will conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone, helping us quickly determine whether or not our gender-specific IOP program is the best fit for you and your unique needs.

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Is IOP the Best Fit?

How do you know whether or not IOP is a good fit?

Ask yourself the following questions – and if you need more professional insight, simply give us a call.

  • Have I been abusing chemical substances for a short period of time? – If your drug or alcohol use has been concerning but has not resulted in any devastating personal consequences, IOP is likely a good choice. Women who have been suffering from a mild substance abuse disorder that has not yet become life-threatening or resulted in a wide range of interpersonal issues often benefit from our IOP program.
  • Do I have personal responsibilities that I simply cannot step away from for any extended period of time? – IOP is often an ideal solution for women who are raising dependents on their own and cannot afford childcare, for example. Be sure that you are effectively differentiating personal obligation and embarrassment or fear. If you believe that you can step away from your high-powered career for a month but you are afraid of judgement, for example, it is always best to commit to inpatient treatment before transitioning into an IOP program.
  • Are you in a tough financial situation? – It is important that you do not let your current financial circumstances deter you from seeking treatment altogether. IOP programming is significantly more affordable than inpatient treatment, and is an ideal option for women who are not currently insured and cannot afford the out-of-pocket cost of residential rehab. Guardian IOP does accept most major health insurance providers, and we gladly work alongside you to uncover the most viable payment options.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

The Services We Provide

Our gender-specific IOP program offers a wide range of effective, recovery-related clinical services, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – This proven therapeutic method is characterized as a short-term, goal-oriented method of psychoactive therapy, geared towards changing negative thought and behavioral patterns and replacing them with healthy coping mechanisms and life skills.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – This therapeutic method is similar to CBT, but it utilizes traditional talk therapy to facilitate a better understanding of how emotions and experiences influence behavior.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) – This non-invasive therapeutic technique helps clients effectively identify memories, feelings and thought patterns that are causing emotional and psychological distress.
  • Life skills training – Active addiction strips women of their ability to function normally. Basic life skills become too much to manage, and they must be essentially relearned in an addiction treatment setting.
  • Individual therapy – Individual therapy sessions take place at least once a week, and provide women with a safe space to delve deeper into personal issues and work through all underlying causes of substance abuse and dependence.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy sessions take place every day that the IOP program meets, and allow women to work through recovery-related challenges with like-minded individuals, offering one another peer support and encouragement while honing healthy communication skills.
  • Family therapy – Guardian IOP offers a comprehensive family program to help restore healthy family functioning, which makes staying sober long-term far more achievable.

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  • Experiential therapy – This therapeutic methodology allows women to tap into uncomfortable feelings and suppressed memories in non-traditional ways, like artistic therapy and psychodrama.
  • Breathwork – Breathwork is effective in helping women stay grounded and centered and work through problems as they arise in the present moment.
  • Trauma-informed care – Unresolved trauma and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand. Our team of experienced professionals all have a background in trauma-informed care.

Our program of recovery is always custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Men and women who are suffering from substance abuse disorders often deal with concerns, challenges and issues that are unique to their gender. For this reason (amongst others), gender-specific treatment options are ideal for addressing core issues during early recovery. Gender-specific treatment allows clients to feel safe and open up honestly about issues that are unique to them. Our women’s IOP program thoroughly addresses gender-specific topics in a  safe and supportive environment. Some issues that we address include:

  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse that occurred at the hands of a member of the opposite sex – Many women who experienced abuse at the hands of a partner, spouse or another male feel far more comfortable opening up about their experiences in a group of women.
  • Motherhood and household responsibilities – Many women feel a certain level of societal pressure to fill the traditional role of “homemaker,” which can lead to gender-specific stress and other related concerns.
  • Body image issues – Women are more likely than men to suffer from eating disorders and body image issues as well as substance abuse. These issues could stem from unresolved trauma or from pressure associated with mainstream beauty standards.

These are just several examples of the gender-specific struggles that women tend to face. Our group therapy sessions touch on these issues and many others, allowing women to be truly vulnerable and heal alongside other women while experiencing personal empowerment.

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    Guardian IOP serves women of all ages in Delray Beach, Florida and New Brunswick, New Jersey. Of course, our gender-specific IOP program is not limited to east coast residents – we gladly accept women from across the country looking for a high standard of quality clinical care. For more information on our gender-specific program of addiction recovery give us a call today at (855) 517-1871, we are available to help you 24/7.