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At Guardian IOP we utilize a range of proven therapeutic techniques including motivational interviewing, also known as MI. This effective therapeutic technique is client-centered and focuses on encouraging clients to make positive behavior changes through changes in motivation. It is not uncommon for someone who is new to addiction recovery to feel some level of ambivalence towards getting and staying sober. During one-on-one MI sessions, clients work collaboratively with a licensed therapist who helps them uncover personal treatment goals while beginning to understand the countless benefits of prolonged sobriety. Motivational interviewing is just one of the evidence-based therapeutic techniques we employ. Our individualized intensive outpatient treatment program combines a variety of proven therapies with holistic approaches to recovery and medication assisted treatment options. Our main priority is instilling each and every one of our clients with the healthy coping mechanisms and life skills they need to stay sober for years to come. To learn more about our integrated program and the services we provide, contact us today.

About Motivational Interviewing

According to an article published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine titled, “Motivational interviewing for substance abuse,” the main priority of this specific therapeutic technique is to enhance motivation towards recovery by resolving ambivalence. This therapeutic method was first developed for the treatment of alcohol addiction, and has since been found effective for the treatment of substance abuse disorders of all varieties, as well as mental illness, unresolved trauma and behavioral issues. The intention behind MI is to honor client autonomy while providing a collaborative environment conducive to evocation rather than instruction. Clients learn they have everything within themselves to make positive behavioral changes, they simply have to gain motivation.

There are four principles that set motivational interviewing apart from other therapeutic methods:

  • Expressing Empathy – In a traditional talk therapy setting, the therapist takes on an authoritative role. During motivational interviewing sessions the therapist creates a collaborative environment and works alongside each client as their equal. Rather than instructing the client on what steps to take, the therapist asks open-ended questions like, “What areas of your life do you feel could use some improvement?” Or, “Which behavioral patterns serve you, and which do you feel might be detrimental?”
  • Overcoming Resistance – It is common for people who have no previous exposure to sobriety to be resistant at first. In MI sessions therapists work with clients to overcome this resistance and show them how much their lives could improve should they stay sober. This principle focuses on reframing certain circumstances and teaching clients they are solely responsible for the outcome of their lives.

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  • Actively Supporting Self-Efficacy – Self-efficacy refers to a client’s self-confidence and belief in their own capability. The therapist helps guide the client through a positive behavioral change and processes the outcome with the client in individual therapy sessions. The therapist acknowledges what the client is doing well, and the client builds self-esteem and self-confidence over time.
  • Identifying Core Values & Personal Goals – This principle is based on the belief that as a client begins to see how much better sober life can be, they begin developing the motivation needed to make lasting changes.
Guardian IOP Motivational Interviewing

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Benefits of Motivational Interviewing

Benefits of motivational interviewing include:

  • Showing clients they have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to change the outcome of their own lives.
  • Teaching clients the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • Helping clients become more receptive to the remainder of the treatment process.
  • Reducing the risk of relapse in the future.
  • Helping clients build a vital sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Teaching clients to consistently make self-beneficial decisions once treatment comes to an end.

Additional Therapies We Provide

Motivational interviewing is only one of the numerous evidence-based therapeutic techniques we provide.

In Addition to MI We Offer Our Clients:

  • Individual & Group Therapy – Any effective, comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment program incorporates both individual and group therapies, which are offered in combination to yield optimal results in the recovery process. There are inherent similarities between both individual and group therapy, especially in terms of desired outcomes and the facilitation of psychological healing in those who suffer from addiction. As its name would suggest, individual therapy consists of one-on-one meetings between a patient and a therapist and is focused on the individual. Group therapy sessions focus on universal recovery-related topics and themes, and teach clients to engage in peer support and relate to one another on a deep, authentic level.
  • Family Therapy – Addiction is often considered a “family disease” due to the profound effects it can have on the family unit. Addiction can cause feelings of animosity, resentment, distrust, anxiety, aggravation, and even depression in each member of an addict’s family. This is why family therapy services are such an important part of the addiction treatment process.
  • Cognitive Behavioral TherapyCBT has been characterized as a short-term, goal-oriented, focused form of psychotherapeutic counseling that is focused on identifying harmful patterns of thought, belief or behavior that underlie individuals’ problems and issues. By identifying the source of individuals’ problems, the patient and therapist can work together to develop strategies for learning and implementing healthier and more productive modes of thought and behavior.
  • Dialectical Behavioral TherapyDBT can be best understood as an enhancement and a natural progression of CBT, which is known as a goal-oriented and short-term form of psychotherapy that helps individuals to identify how their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and other cognitive processes can affect their behaviors in an effort to better understand how one’s emotions and experiences influence behavior.

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  • Holistic Therapy – At Guardian IOP we utilize a combination of Western and Eastern medicinal approaches, providing our clients with an integrated and comprehensive program of addiction recovery. Holistic therapeutic methods include acupuncture, yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization & ReprocessingEMDR is a therapeutic method that is extremely beneficial for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse disorders. EMDR was first developed to help alleviate emotional distress related to unresolved traumatic memories. During EMDR, clients address traumatic memories while focusing on external stimuli such as flashing lights or vibrating handholds. The individual shifts their visual focus from left to right, left to right, following the pattern of the external stimuli. A licensed and highly experienced EMDR practitioner guides the client through a memory as they practice these lateral eye movements, which stimulates the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

In addition to therapeutic intervention we offer a range of other addiction services including an addiction assessment, case management, medication assisted treatment options and aftercare planning. At Guardian IOP our main priority is to set each of our clients up for continued success in sobriety.

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We understand that sometimes seeking treatment can be a very emotional and confusing time. Our goal is to serve as trusted guides for those seeking recovery and their loved ones. Once at our facility clients are welcomed by our intake team. All clients are given a full clinical evaluation and are able to discuss and review their treatment plan. They are then given a tour of the facility, introduced to their primary therapist and oriented with the program structure and guidelines. Individual sessions, group therapy schedules and case management support will be covered as well. We are committed to helping you or your loved ones get through the recovery process. The hardest part is taking the first step and asking for help. Once you contact us we will do everything we can to make sure admission is simple and straightforward. Our professional team of trained clinical advisers and technicians are all here to work with you and give you the tools to begin your recovery. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get started with our simple and straightforward admissions process.

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