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Our 3 Stage Outpatient Rehab Program

At Guardian IOP we are dedicated to providing men and women with the most intensive and effective outpatient treatment available throughout Southern Florida, New Jersey and all surrounding areas. Our outpatient rehab program was developed by a team of experienced substance abuse and mental health professionals, all committed to helping you or your loved one overcome addiction long-term and continue along on the road to recovery. Breaking the program down into demographic-specific groups and focusing on pertinent topics like relapse prevention, 12-step program immersion and the development of crucial life skills makes for a highly individualized and focused recovery program.

Our outpatient rehab program lasts for between 8 and 10 weeks depending on the unique needs of each individual client. The ultimate goal of our program is to set each and every one of our clients up for a lifetime of recovery before they transition into fully independent living. We have broken down each week below so that you or your loved one knows what to expect. If you have additional questions about our comprehensive outpatient rehab program, reach out today – we are always available to help.

Stage 1 – Evaluate
Week 1-2

  • Week 1

During the first week of our program, the clinical and therapeutic team gets to know each client on an individual basis, and begins to uncover personal treatment goals and develop individualized treatment plans. Each client completes a self-assessment, which details personal history with substance abuse as well as long-term plans. Clients discuss the Disease Model of Addiction and are introduced to the Dislocation Theory, exploring why they turned to chemical substances initially and how the disease of addiction progresses over time. They learn the impact of environmental factors, how addiction changes brain chemistry and why it is nearly impossible to quit without professional medical intervention. In group sessions, clients are introduced to therapeutic methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness practices. Gender-specific group therapy sessions focus on Domains of Wellness and Empowerment.

Every week, clients are further introduced to the 12-step model of addiction recovery. During the first week of treatment, they explore the spiritual concepts and history of Alcoholics Anonymous, go over the Doctor’s Opinion and learn about the 3rd Step and the concept of “surrender.”

  • Week 2

During the second week of treatment, clients are introduced to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with a focus on Distress Tolerance. They begin focusing on life skills development, as they learn time management and how to build healthy patterns and routines. Group therapy sessions focus on forgiveness (forgiving self and others), radical acceptance, “The Lies We Tell Ourselves” and resentment (resentments are addressed and worked through during a writing intensive). In the 12-step immersion portion of the treatment program, clients are thoroughly introduced to steps 6 and 7, and learn to recognize their personal character defects while identifying positive change.

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Stage 2 – Treat
Week 3-6

  • Week 3

Clients continue on in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, focusing on emotional regulation and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. They learn another proven technique that actively helps them to better understand their relationship with themselves and others, known as Johari’s Window. Group sessions cover several pertinent topics, and clients learn the difference between Eastern and Western medicine (and why we utilize a combination of both in our program of recovery). In the 12-step portion of the program, clients explore humility and fear.

  • Week 4

During the fourth week of treatment, clients revisit the Dislocation Theory and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which focuses on Interpersonal Effectiveness. Lifeskills Training continues as clients learn how to authentically relate to one another and begin building healthy and authentic interpersonal relationships. This week is heavily focused on the 12-step model of recovery, and clients compare Bill’s Story to their own personal relapse timelines, go over The Promises in depth and learn the ins and outs of making amends.

  • Week 5

The fifth week of our outpatient rehab program is completely dedicated to our comprehensive 12 Step Workshop. Clients go over each of the 12 steps, learning related Principles and gaining a thorough knowledge on what completing each step will look like.

  • Week 6

The sixth week of treatment focuses on mental health, thoroughly going over the mental health disorders that often go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. Clients participate in a Health and Wellness intensive that revolves around marijuana and tobacco use. Lifeskills Training continues with an introduction to team building and the development of social skills, and clients learn how to build self-esteem through positive affirmations. 12-step group sessions explore taking a nightly inventory (which is coupled with a 10th Step writing intensive), spiritual growth and meditation and the importance of servicework and giving back to the community at large.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Stage 3 – Support
Week 7-8

  • Week 7

This week of treatment begins with an overview of family involvement and the role the family plays in achieving long-term sobriety. Gender-specific groups focus on Health and Wellness, and clients learn about the role of nutrition in recovery and go over “Sex and Recovery.” There is a strong emphasis on Relapse Prevention Training this week, as clients learn anger management skills and the importance of maintaining gratitude. 12-step groups cover defining a higher power and “Living Steps 10, 11 and 12.”

  • Week 8

During the final week of our outpatient rehab program, clients develop stress management skills and develop a long-term plan for continuing care. Group sessions focus on the difference between willfulness and willingness, and clients identify their core values. The correlation between unresolved trauma and substance abuse is explored in depth, and 12-step group sessions revolve around sponsorship – the importance of finding a trustworthy sponsor and what being a sponsor in the future will look like.

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This is just an example of what topics will be covered during each week of treatment – there are rotating workshops every 8 weeks in the Health and Wellness portion of the schedule, which include Medical Aspects of SUD, Breathwork, Life Coaching and Personal Worth, Reiki, Grief and Loss, Acupuncture, 12 Steps through Yoga, HIV and Hep C Education and Testing/Overdose Prevention. Guest speakers are welcomed to the facility, where they share their extensive knowledge with our clients.

The Benefits of Our Outpatient 3 Phase Rehab Program

Our outpatient rehab is an ideal option for individuals who have already completed a higher level of clinical care, or who have a relatively mild substance abuse disorder and do not require traditional residential treatment. The benefit of increased flexibility also suits individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse, but who have personal obligations that they cannot step away from for months at a time. These obligations could include work-related responsibilities or caring for a dependent. Our outpatient program caters to your individualized needs, while delivering the highest quality of clinical care available in an intensive therapeutic environment.

If you or your loved one is considering outpatient treatment as a standalone solution, it is important that there is a solid support system at home, that there are no significant underlying mental health concerns and that chemical substances can easily be avoided. With this level of clinical care comes far more personal freedom, and with more freedom comes less built-in accountability. If you would like to find out whether or not outpatient rehab is the best choice for you or your loved one, reach out to us today.

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Both our Delray Beach location and our New Brunswick locations are dedicated to providing the most integrated program of outpatient rehab available. Each of our group sessions is led by an expert in the field of substance abuse recovery and we guarantee that our clients consistently receive the highest quality of clinical care available in the area. With the right tools in place, anyone can achieve lifelong sobriety. To learn more about our comprehensive outpatient rehab program or for a more thorough breakdown of each week of treatment give us a call today at (888) 693-1894, we are available 24/7 to help you.