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Professionals Program

Working professionals face a unique set of demands when it comes to seeking addiction treatment. They might not be able to step away from their careers for months at a time and commit to a traditional, multi-phased continuum of care – one that includes medical detox, between one and three months of inpatient treatment and aftercare. Working professionals often require a high level of flexibility from their recovery programs, and seek programs that allow them to continue taking care of business while providing an intensive and effective level of clinical care.

Unfortunately, a lack of flexibility often deters professionals from actively seeking the substance abuse treatment they need. Guardian IOP offers an Intensive Outpatient Professionals Program for men and women who have been suffering at the hands of substance abuse and dependency, one that takes your unique circumstances into careful consideration and allotts you the time and space necessary to complete all important, work-related tasks. If you have been suffering from a substance abuse disorder of any severity, but you have been concerned about taking time off of work, there are options available. For more information on our Professionals Program, reach out to us today.

Substance Addiction is Non-Discriminatory

Men and women in certain professional fields (like nurses, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, first responders and police officers, for example) might find it difficult to admit that they have been struggling with substance abuse. Substance abuse is a non-discriminatory disease, one that affects individuals based on a unique combination of underlying risk factors – not based on their chosen career path. However, the high stress levels that tend to go hand-in-hand with carrying a wide range of professional responsibilities has been known to lead to substance misuse. At Guardian IOP, we effectively help working professionals address all underlying, contributing factors while allowing them the flexible clinical schedule they need in order to get as much as possible from the treatment experience while still carrying out important professional functions.

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Interestingly enough, the character traits that are often considered “strengths” in a professional setting can work to hinder progress in addiction recovery. Traits like perfectionism, leadership skills and the implementation of problem solving techniques – these can all prove as barriers to long-term recovery. Individuals who have high-powered or labor intensive careers might experience the following work-related issues when it comes to maintaining years of sobriety:

  • Occupation-specific stressors – For example, a salaried executive professional might be asked to work on holidays, leading to family-related stress at home. A surgeon might experience an extreme amount of pressure (which translates to stress) when it comes to performing important surgical procedures. Unmanageable stress levels often lead to substance misuse.
  • Long hours spent working/less time spent with family members and friends – Having a balance between work life and personal/social life is crucial – however, many working professionals find it difficult to maintain this balance. At Guardian IOP, we teach our clients how to achieve and maintain harmony and stability.
  • A business culture that includes drinking (or recreational drug use) – Many CEOs and other high-powered professionals grow accustomed to attending after-hours business meetings that involve cocktails, work-related happy hours – even drinking in an office setting. According to a recent study published by Inc. titled, “Does Drinking Help Your Career? Maybe, CEOs Say,” there is a clear cut correlation between alcohol consumption and career advancement. “Regular drinkers make 10 percent to 14 percent more money than those who do not drink,” the study concludes.
  • Increased access to opioid narcotics – This is common among medical professionals, including, doctors, nurses, prescribing physicians and surgeons. The US Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration recently published a study that focuses on the high rates of narcotic abuse among members of the medical community. “Even though the vast majority of DEA registered practitioners comply with the controlled substances law and regulations in a responsible and law abiding manner, you should be cognizant of the fact that drug impaired health professionals are one source of controlled substances diversion,” the study reads. “Many have easy access to controlled substance medications; and some will divert and abuse these drugs for reasons such as relief from stress, self-medication, or to improve work performance and alertness.”

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Executive Professionals

At Guardian IOP, our experienced clinical and medical team will work closely alongside each individual client, developing a personalized treatment plan that takes professional obligations into careful consideration. As it stands, Intensive Outpatient treatment is a flexible and effective option – one that allows clients to return home every evening and generally experience significantly more personal freedom than would be experienced in an inpatient environment.

The services we provide include:

  • An initial medical and clinical assessment upon admission to our Professionals IOP, and ongoing assessments that help with tracking progress and treatment planning
  • Gender-specific IOP programming
  • Individual, group and family therapy sessions
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options for men and women who simultaneously suffer from a mental illness like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder
  • Case management services and thorough aftercare planning that is highly individualized and unique to your profession
  • 12 step meetings that are unique to your profession, whenever accessible (for example, there are 12 step meetings open exclusively to medical professionals and first responders)
  • A focus on family dynamics and family inclusion throughout the treatment process
  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention training that is highly focused and unique to differing occupations

Benefits of our Professional Program

At Guardian IOP, confidentiality is always our top priority. Our Professionals Program offers a wide range of benefits to men and women who are looking for an increased level of flexibility as they work to overcome substance abuse and dependency, ultimately learning to maximize their professional potential while developing and maintaining a vital sense of balance in their lives.

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The benefits to our unique IOP program include:

  • Private conference rooms with 24-hour access to phone lines and computers
  • Discretion, confidentiality and seclusion whenever necessary
  • Travel support
  • A focus on career restoration (if your career has been negatively impacted or compromised by active addiction)
  • Participation in aftercare monitoring programs
  • Professional-specific relapse prevention training, which includes the identification of all personal, work-related relapse triggers
  • Even more flexibility than one might find in our standard Intensive Outpatient treatment program

Most Intensive Outpatient programs are held five days a week for up to eight hours every day, and include a wide range of proven therapeutic methodologies, holistic treatment methods and additional recovery-related services. However, our program caters to the unique needs of working professionals – we understand that an important meeting might be scheduled to take place during a group therapy session or 12 step meeting, and while we believe that recovery must remain a top priority, we understand that flexibility is essential. For more information on how we cater to the unique needs of working professionals, reach out to us today.

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Guardian IOP – Flexible and Effective Care

At Guardian IOP, we are dedicated to providing men and women with the individualized and highly integrated care they need in order to stay sober for years to come, regardless of their occupation. Regaining and maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health will require learning to live differently – and we are available to teach you how to be as successful as possible without compromising the integrity of your recovery. We understand that your main goal might be returning to work full-time as quickly as possible – for this reason, we offer a thorough aftercare program in addition to our clinical IOP services. For more information on our Professionals Program or to begin your own personal journey of healing give us a call today at (888) 693-1894, we are available to help you 24/7.