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What is Vocational Training?

Active addiction strips people of their ability to function at a basic human level. The most menial day-to-day tasks become all but impossible to accomplish. Something as seemingly simple as showing up to work on time might become an unthinkable feat. When a person falls victim to substance abuse, he or she generally has a difficult time maintaining employment. Substance use takes priority, and any motivation to actively pursue a career falls by the wayside. While drug abuse reduces employment prospects and leads to job loss, those who have been out of work for an extended period of time might turn to substance use in order to pass unstructured time or cope with financial stressors. All in all, employment and addiction are closely interlinked – and this fact is backed by extensive research.

According to an article published by the Journal of Teaching in the Addictions, research shows that men and women who are in treatment for substance abuse typically have low employment rates and poor personal work histories. Regardless of their education level, they have a more difficult time maintaining gainful employment. When unemployment persists, rates of relapse increase. Because of this, providing adequate Vocational Training services is essential to relapse prevention and increases the likelihood of long-term sobriety after clinical treatment. At Guardian IOP we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most integrated and comprehensive care available, and our team of dedicated professionals has carefully developed a program of outpatient treatment that allows clients to explore vocational opportunities, apply for the job of their dreams and continue achieving their personal career goals. Regardless of what the vocational needs of any given client look like, we are available to help.

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The Vocational Services We Provide

During the outpatient stage of the comprehensive addiction treatment process, clients are generally living on their own (or in a sober living housing environment), and have begun working towards financial independence. The majority of our clients found it difficult to hold down a job while active in addiction, and come to us unemployed and unsure of what steps to take. Our team of experienced Vocational Counselors works closely with each individual client, providing the following services whenever necessary:

  • Finding an appropriate job or career path – There are many beautiful and rewarding parts of the addiction recovery process. Above all else, we get to know ourselves on a deep and authentic level. We are granted the opportunity to explore our interests and passions and discover what it is we want to do with our lives. At Guardian IOP we help each individual client identify personal career goals based on their interests. Our goal is to match clients up with a career that will be fulfilling long-term. We also help match clients up with occupations that will not compromise their recovery. For example, working as a bartender might not be the best option. We guide our clients in the right direction, helping them find a job that best suits their personal requirements.
  • Resume building – We offer a resume-building seminar as part of our Vocational Training program, teaching clients how to format a professional resume and which previous experience to include.
  • Job interview instruction and training – Interviewing for a new job might seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and instruction it is simply another part of the process. We teach our clients how to dress for an interview, how to answer questions honestly and respectfully and when to follow-up with a potential employer.
  • Budgeting time and maintaining a healthy balance between work and life – It is not uncommon for men and women in early recovery to begin over-working, or to begin prioritizing their career over their sobriety. We teach the importance of balance, and instruct clients on how to set and maintain healthy work-related boundaries.
  • Coping with work-related stressors – There are a wide range of occupational stressors that can lead to relapse if not managed effectively. We teach clients how to identify work-related relapse triggers and how to effectively work through uncomfortable emotions that may crop up throughout the workday.
  • Budgeting, saving and working towards financial independence – Becoming self-reliant is an important step towards complete independence and financial stability. We teach clients how to budget their paychecks and avoid overspending, while paying off any debt that might have accumulated during active addiction.

Our Vocational Training program helps clients with job placement and helps them develop the life skills they need to maintain employment. They are provided with additional guidance and support as they navigate the return to work.

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The Benefits of Vocational Training

There are many recovery-related benefits that go hand-in-hand with thorough Vocational Training, including:

  • Relapse prevention – Men and women who maintain employment have lower rates of relapse than those who are unemployed. Not only is time being put to good use, but the added structure and stability of a work-related routine helps make the transition from addiction treatment back to independent living much easier.
  • Building self-esteem and self-worth – Finding a career that incites passion is a great way to develop a sense of self-worth. Showing up to work on time consistently and performing well helps build self-esteem, which is vital to relapse prevention.
  • Increased social interaction – Most occupations require some degree of social interaction. Finding common ground with coworkers can easily lead to the development of healthy and mutually beneficial friendships. Working with others also helps clients build communications skills.
  • Finding a sense of purpose – At Guardian IOP we aim to do much more than help our clients land a job at a fast food franchise or local call center. We aim to help our clients work towards a career that embodies their personal passions – a career that will be fulfilling, will provide a lasting opportunity and will offer room for growth.
  • Working towards financial independence – We encourage our clients to budget their paychecks accordingly, covering their rent, bills and other necessities while working towards future financial goals.

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Additional IOP Services

Additional therapeutic services we provide include:

  • Demographic-specific treatment options – In addition to gender-specific treatment, we offer group sessions geared specifically towards older adults, adults or younger adults. Demographic-specific care allows for a more focused treatment experience.
  • Individual and group therapy – Individual therapy sessions take place at least once per week, and group therapy sessions meet every day IOP is in session.
  • Family therapy – We offer professionally facilitated family therapy sessions and encourage the loved ones of our clients to be as involved as they would like to be in the early recovery process.
  • Family Retreat Workshop – This intensive, three-day workshop helps the loved ones of our clients delve deeper into their personal processes of healing.
  • Lifeskills training – We teach our clients the vital skills they need to successfully reintegrate into society (for example, how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves, how to budget their finances and how to communicate effectively).
  • Educational training and placement – If a client is interested in returning to school, we offer all of the guidance and support necessary to making this happen.
  • Relapse prevention training – Clients learn to identify personal relapse triggers and work through these triggers using healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Aftercare planning – Each client graduates from our IOP program with a plan for continuing care in place. Aftercare plans typically include a continuation of individual counseling, ongoing psychiatric care (whenever necessary) and 12-step program involvement.

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Returning to work in early recovery can be an overwhelming process – fortunately, our experienced Vocational Counselors are available to help clients work through related challenges as they navigate a return to normal, day-to-day life. Our main priority is ensuring that each individual client is fully equipped with the tools and life skills he or she needs to lead a healthy, productive and successful life in recovery. To learn more about our Vocational Training program or to learn more about our intensive outpatient rehab in general contact us today.

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