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At Guardian IOP we utilize a combination of Western and Eastern medicinal approaches, providing our clients with an integrated and comprehensive program of addiction recovery. Western medicine traditionally focuses on the prevention and treatment of a specific illness through a variety of proven health care practices. The Western approach is considered evidence-based – medical professionals (surgeons, doctors, nurses and physicians) practice in a designated facility like a doctor’s office or a hospital. They diagnose a disease and treat the disease based on evidence collected from controlled, scientific studies.

The Eastern approach to medicine, on the other hand, aims to restore the natural harmony of the body through a range of holistic methodologies. This medical system has been employed for thousands of years, and is also referred to as “traditional Chinese medicine.” This approach to recovery and wellness focuses on comprehensive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

While both Western and Eastern medicines have their distinctive benefits, it has been repeatedly proven that a combination of the two approaches leads to the most comprehensive and lasting healing. This is especially true when it comes to substance abuse and dependence. At Guardian IOP we offer a range of effective holistic Eastern therapies, geared towards providing each of our clients with the most inclusive and personalized care available

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Holistic Eastern Therapy – The Five Major Branches

Eastern medicine is the oldest and most widely utilized medicinal system in the world. There are five major branches of Eastern medicine:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Dietary/nutritional therapy
  3. Herbal medicine
  4. Oriental bodywork (also known as Tuina)
  5. Mind-body-spirit practice (Qi gong and Tai chi)

Eastern medicine focuses on treating the person as a whole, placing an equal amount of attention on mental and emotional healing as is placed on physical healing. At Guardian IOP we offer acupuncture sessions led by licensed and experienced acupuncturists, nutritional therapy sessions and an introduction to bodywork, Qi ging and Tai chi (as part of our rotating Health and Wellness seminars). We also include a range of other proven holistic therapies into our clinical curriculum, including mindfulness meditation, exercise and physical fitness, yoga therapy, art therapy and massage therapy.

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A Breakdown of the Eastern Therapies We Utilize

Below is a breakdown of the holistic Eastern therapy approaches we utilize in conjunction with traditional behavioral therapies and Medication Assisted Treatment.

  • Acupuncture – This holistic treatment method involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into the skin at strategic points. Acupuncture has proven effective in minimizing symptoms associated with alcohol and drug withdrawal, speeding up the detoxification process and relieving stress and psychological cravings. The US National Library of Medicine recently published an article detailing the benefits of acupuncture therapy for drug addiction, suggesting that acupuncture has the ability to reduce pain and alleviate the anxiety that often goes hand-in-hand with early sobriety.
  • Nutritional Therapy – We focus on teaching our clients how to choose and prepare nutrient-dense meals. Our licensed Nutritional Therapist educates clients on the vital link between physical and emotional health. Not only does active addiction cause nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed, but eating three balanced meals helps facilitate the healing process, reduce psychological cravings and ultimately improve the success of treatment.
  • Yoga Therapy – This therapeutic method combines meditation and physical movement to facilitate comprehensive healing of the mind and the body. Our licensed Yoga Therapists work closely with clients, helping them settle on a personal yoga practice that meets all of their individual needs. There are many proven benefits to this holistic treatment method, including stress management, coping with uncomfortable feelings and emotions, learning to live in the present moment and stay grounded, gaining self-awareness, building self-esteem and working through physical pain and discomfort.
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Practices – We introduce clients to traditional Chinese methods of mind, body and spirit interaction like Tai chi and Qi gong. Active addiction does much more than devastate the physical body. It leads to intense emotional turmoil and lasting psychological damage. In order to heal long-term and maintain sobriety for years to come, clients must address all of these underlying issues simultaneously.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – Techniques like mindfulness help clients gain self-awareness and emotional stability. Clients learn to meet themselves exactly where they are in the present moment. This level of consciousness ultimately helps clients recognize relapse warning signs, and work through uncomfortable emotions as they arise (rather than shutting them down and attempting to ignore them).
  • Art Therapy – At Guardian IOP our experienced therapists utilize a range of artistic therapeutic methods – like drawing, painting, collage-making and journaling – in order to help clients express themselves in new and unique ways while working through underlying emotions. In many cases, clients are harboring unpleasant emotions and traumatic experiences that they are not yet comfortable discussing verbally. Art therapy allows for expression through different means.
  • Massage Therapy – Pain management is an important part of the overall recovery process, seeing as many of our clients come to us with underlying pain conditions. Massage therapy is an ideal alternative to potentially habit-forming pain medications.

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Benefits of Holistic Eastern Therapy

When it comes to the implementation of holistic Eastern therapy, there are many proven benefits. According to an article published by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, some benefits of holistic therapies include:

  • Providing men and women who are suffering from opioid addictions with a safe and non-invasive alternative to Medication Assisted Treatment.
  • Minimizing symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal, and shortening the duration of these symptoms.
  • Reducing the probability of relapse (this is generally the case when holistic practices are continued once inpatient treatment has concluded).
  • Improving immune function.
  • Preventing neurological disorders and improving memory.
  • Facilitating emotional healing on a deep and lasting level through alternative methods of recovery.

Substance abuse is more than a physical malady – it is a disease of the mind and a direct result of unresolved emotional issues. In order for treatment to be truly effective and in order for long-term sobriety to be achieved, every part of the person must be healed simultaneously. At Guardian IOP we believe strongly in the whole-person approach to addiction treatment, which is why we emphasize the incorporation of holistic Eastern therapy into every unique and individualized treatment plan.

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At Guardian IOP we combine proven behavioral therapies, a 12-step approach to treatment and holistic Eastern methodologies in order to provide integrated and highly personalized care. When it comes to lasting sobriety, it is crucial that healing takes place on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Our intensive outpatient treatment program is ideal for those who have recently completed a higher level of clinical care and are looking to continue healing comprehensively, or those who are looking for a treatment program that offers more flexibility and personal freedom. Regardless of your personal needs (or the needs of your loved one), we are available to help.

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