If you are a young adult reading this, there is a chance that you may know addiction first hand. If that is the case, we at Guardian IOP are glad that you found this post. As it means that you are giving recovery a serious thought. It does not matter what substance or behavior you find yourself dependent upon. Recovery is your best chance at leading a “normal” life.

Those actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol are, more times than not, brought to their knees. Despair permeates practically every aspect of life. Even when one is under the influence, experiencing euphoria, the dark cloud of self hovers above. Conversely, recovery lifts one from their knees, aided by the powerful rays of emitting from the spiritual light. Breaking the fog of self.

There is a common misconception among people who are new to the program. That is the idea that the problem is alcohol or substance use. They think that the removal of drugs and alcohol from the picture will right the listing ship that is one’s life. In reality, and this point cannot be stressed enough, mind-altering substance use is but a symptom of the true problem. The problem of self. The idea that it is “I” who is the master and commander of existence. That the universe revolves around “me.” It is for that reason that much of the work that is done in the program involves coming to terms with the fact that there is something greater than yourself. And surrendering to that force will aid one in navigating their mission of recovery.

A Symptom of Addiction

Alcohol and substance use disorder are diseases of the mind. Mental health disorders that are accepted by the medical world as conditions that have no known cure, but can be treated. There are a number of methods of treatment that have proven effective. But, most experts would probably agree that programs centered on spirituality have bore the most fruit. At least when it comes to achieving long term recovery.

Such programs wise people to the fact that their way did not work. That if sobriety is to be achieved, they will need the help of others. Those who are also working to better their lives, free from drugs and alcohol. You see, alcohol and drugs while they may feel good (at first), are actually used to self-medicate the problem of self. Quieting the grinding gears of one’s mind. People in the grips of addiction often feel that the sunshine of the spirit abandoned them, that their problems are not of their own making. When the reality is the exact opposite.

Through working the steps, it will come to light that it was you who ended your ties with the spirit. That while people may have wronged you over the course of active addiction, they are not to blame for why you ended up in the abyss. But you are not to blame for your addiction either; however, you are responsible for what you are going to do about it. Stay the destructive course, or trudge forward on a new path.

Addiction Treatment

If you are a young adult and have come to realize that addiction, logically, has no fortunate end, then you are ready to entertain the idea that help is needed to be free from the bondage of self. Let Guardian IOP be your lifeline in the chaotic seas of addiction. We can show you why you cannot think your way out of this, that relying on both a higher power and a fellowship is your best chance at manifesting a new life.

Many addicts and alcoholics get to the point of requiring help, but few make the courageous choice to accept help. Please do not allow your addiction, or anyone else block you from the sunlight of the spirit. And remember, surrender is a sign of strength—not weakness. You can reach Guardian 24/7/365.


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Anna earned her Masters of Social Work at Barry University in Miami, FL in 2017 and completed her internship in co-occurring disorders. Anna has a Bachelors of Art in Religious Studies from Naropa University and is a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Anna has received specialized training in somatic counseling with an emphasis on body-centered psychotherapy.