It would be nice if there were a drug that could rid one of an alcohol or substance use disorder? In the field of addiction medicine, currently, it’s the stuff of science fiction. Unfortunately, desperate people are apt to take desperate measures when it comes to their health. Often believing misleading, even fraudulent, information about potential solutions.

For decades, the most effective approach to addiction recovery has been: treatment, certain medications and continued program of maintenance. With one important caveat regarding medications. If long-term recovery is to be achieved, the effect that medications have is tertiary. They are helpful to people who are also engage in a program of recovery. More often than not, one that involves continued spiritual maintenance.

Medications used in treating addiction usually have a role during the withdrawal/detoxification stage of recovery. Unless, one also has a co-occurring disorder, such as depression. Thus, requiring the use of antidepressants, for example. Sure, people use Suboxone in maintenance form, but without a program risk of relapse is extremely high. In many cases, buprenorphine drugs are used in an opioid-replacement capacity. Considered the lesser of two evils. But, that’s a discussion for another post.

The point is that anyone or any company that claims they can cure your addiction is fraudulent. Use disorders, like other mental health conditions, can be treated and balanced so that one can live a productive life. Not cured. With the nation in the grips of a pernicious opioid addiction epidemic, people can be easily duped. Perhaps what was said above could be amended. Desperate people are apt to make rash decisions. People who want freedom from illness so badly, will often hear what they want to hear. And act in kind.

Supplements to Cure Addiction

In the U.S., the supplement industry is grossly under-regulated. The makers of such nostrums really only face punishment after their products hurt someone. Whether it be physical or financial. You go into any grocery store in the country and see racks full of supplements. Most of which went to market without proper study, let alone testing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has little authority to do anything about this reality.

The general public reads labels on bottles purporting to have what the consumer needs. A cure. If you can think of an ailment, there is supplement available to address it. In the wake of the addiction epidemic, some manufacturers have decided to exploit the opportunity. Praying on some of America’s weakest. Such was the case of Florida-based, Sunrise Nutraceuticals. A company that found itself in the crosshairs of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Business Insider reports. The company claimed that their supplement, Elimidrol, could essentially rid people of opioid use disorder. According to the FTC, the Boca Raton based company claimed that Elimidrol:

“… could alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms and increase a user’s likelihood of overcoming opiate addiction.”

What was inside the mystery elixir? Well, it was actually a $75 powder containing herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals; such as:

  • Lemon Balm
  • Ginger Root
  • Ginseng
  • Magnolia Bark
  • Vitamins B and C

“Opiate addiction has taken a tremendous toll on the American public,” Jessica Rich, the Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said in a statement. “By peddling their unproven product, these defendants have prevented people from seeking legitimate treatment.”

The FTC, after suing Sunrise Nutraceuticals, is sending by mail some 5,379 refund checks totaling more than $210,000 to people who bought Elimidrol.

Addiction Recovery Through Treatment

Through no fault of their own, over 5,000 people were sold a bill of goods. Such people didn’t seek proven methods of treatment because of misleading claims. With opioids, and the risk of overdose, such methods are criminal to the nth degree.

Opioid use disorder recovery is possible. Although, there isn’t a magical pill that someone can take to achieve such a goal. If you are afflicted by opioid use disorder, treatment and recovery is the surest method of finding long-term recovery. At Guardian IOP, we can help you break the cycle of opioid addiction and teach you how to live a life in recovery. Please contact us today.


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Anna earned her Masters of Social Work at Barry University in Miami, FL in 2017 and completed her internship in co-occurring disorders. Anna has a Bachelors of Art in Religious Studies from Naropa University and is a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Anna has received specialized training in somatic counseling with an emphasis on body-centered psychotherapy.