When you or a loved one fully commit to an intensive and highly structured drug treatment program, you and those you love the most know that you are taking the first step in a lifelong journey of recovery. Choosing to undergo drug treatment is one of the biggest life decisions in your life, and finding the perfect rehab can be a challenging process. Every person who is struggling with substance abuse set their own set of unique challenge and needs–and a “one size fits all” approach to treatment will fail to give you the tools you need to address and overcome your substance abuse issues

Because of complex nature of addiction and its unique and profound effects on you as an individual, finding a drug treatment facility that provides the right balance of programs and services that will best suit their needs is your number one goal. Finding an appropriate drug treatment program that suits your needs not only involves finding the right combination of treatment services, medical care and support; finding age specific treatment is also an essential component in an overall treatment program that will help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

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Why is Age-Specific Treatment So Important In My Recovery?

Let’s face it, you have a lot of things to consider when choosing a drug treatment facility that will provide the tools and support you need to overcome your addiction issues. In the midst of being inundated with program options, amenities and cost considerations, thinking about treatment that is age specific can oftentimes be forgotten. Finding a treatment center that can address the specific needs of particular demographic groups can provide the breakthrough that you need in order to make your recovery successful.

Simply put, people that are in different age groups respond differently to treatment. The needs of a young adult is far different than the needs of someone who is in their thirties or someone who is over 65 years of age. Finding an age-specific treatment rehab facility with experienced staff that understands the unique pressures and issues that affect a particular age group can mean the difference between a meaningful and healthy recovery and one that is marked by continual struggle.

What Are The Major Benefits of Choosing an Age-Specific Treatment Center?

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One of the most important considerations when choosing a drug treatment facility is the ability of staff to utilize a wide variety of treatment services that are offered in order to create a highly  customized treatment plan that meets the specific needs of each client that seeks their help. Those drug treatment centers that offer age-specific programming are able to individualize those treatment plans even further. As a result, each client will get the individual attention, tools and support they need to step back into their daily lives with confidence and self-esteem.

When you choose an age-specific treatment center to start your recovery journey, you will receive the following benefits:

Increased Treatment Focus

When you undergo treatment and an age-specific rehab facility, experienced treatment staff can create a more focused environment that will allow you to put full energy into getting physically, psychologically and spiritually well. For example, if you are older and grew up in an era where being addicted to drugs and alcohol was seen as a moral and spiritual failure, therapy and other treatment services can help you understand that addition is a disorder that can happen to anyone at any time in their lives

On the other hand, younger people who are in treatment may find it difficult to be motivated to recover because treatment staff may not understand issues of peer pressure and may have a standoffish attitude of staff  who remind them of their parents. In these situations, treatment staff can take on the role of mediator and confidant and can provide a sounding board for patients to share their insecurities, fears and past in a safe and nurturing environment.

Specially Created Medical Detox Programs

No matter the age, those who have abused drugs and alcohol for considerable periods of time will need to undergo medical detoxification. The medical detox process allows patients to gradually rid their bodies of toxins in order to minimize the physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal.

Many drugs have withdrawal symptoms that can pose risks to one’s health if they stop using them altogether. As a result, detox facilities use medications and other medical interventions to help make the detox process more tolerable and comfortable for client. Age-specific drug treatment centers are fully aware of the specific medical and psychological issues that occur within certain age groups. Detox staff in these facilities are well-versed in disciplines such as pediatrics, adult medicine and geriatrics in addition to other essential treatment services.

You Can Recover and Receive Support Among Peers

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When you undergo treatment at a drug treatment facility that features age-specific treatment programming, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in your recovery. A major reason why this is possible is the fact that you are able to share your victories and setbacks with others who share similar experiences in addiction and life experiences. Building up a supportive community of fellow addicts during the drug treatment and recovery process is absolutely critical to your success.

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