For people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, they often look for a location far from the triggers and temptations of their home environment to get clean and sober. For the last few decades, addicts from all over the world have come to Florida–and especially South Florida–to achieve that ultimate goal. With countless numbers of treatment centers, halfway houses and vibrant recovery communities in towns like Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, the combination of favorable climate and top quality rehab facilities have helped make Florida the recovery capital of the world.

Why has Florida become “the recovery mecca”? The following are some of the biggest reasons why many people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction move to the Sunshine State and often never leave once they have completed treatment.

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So Why Exactly is Florida the Recovery Capitol of the World?

Large Selection of Quality Treatment Programs

There are literally hundreds of rehab facilities in South Florida, and those who are seeking treatment have a unique opportunity of choosing one that fits their unique and specific needs. Addicts can choose from a wide variety of intensive inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as day treatment and other specialized programs. Additionally, people who are seeking recovery can choose rehabs that are men-only, women-only and even ones that are LGBTQ friendly. While the majority of drug treatment programs in Florida are based in 12-step philosophy, there are rehabs that do embrace alternative support methods such as SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, and others.

Favorable Year Round Climate

While having a wide variety of quality alcohol and drug rehabs is one of the main reasons why Florida is the recovery destination of the world, the year round climate of South Florida is perhaps the biggest selling point of attending drug treatment in the state. With its abundance of sand, the sun and a consistent temperatures in the 70’s, many Florida drug treatment facilities take advantage of these natural benefits and incorporate a wide variety of physical activities into their drug treatment plans.

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The Florida Model of Treatment

Another reason why Florida is a recovery destination for many is the fact that rehab centers utilize a unique treatment model that is called The Florida Treatment Model. In this treatment model, addicts undergo a “stepped down” approach where they will begin in a highly structured and intensive inpatient treatment setting. As the addict progresses through rehab, the intensity of structured treatment is gradually stepped down, and the newly recovering person can start incorporating the life and coping skills they have learned in real time. By the time a person leaves a South Florida treatment center, they have the tools, support, and encouragement to maintain meaningful recovery. 

Vibrant Recovery Community

Florida has long been the recovery capital of the world due in large part to the large and vibrant recovery communities that have sprung up around treatment facilities including Tampa addiction treatment centers and Delray Beach facilities. In Delray Beach, nearly 5,000 people attend AA and other 12-step meetings each week and there are nearly 40 rehabs within a 20-mile radius of the city. In other cities in South Florida, there are businesses which predominately employ people in recovery, recovery-based sport recreational leagues, and even recovery-based radio stations.

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Experienced and Highly Credentialed Treatment Staff

Many Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers feature treatment staff that has many years of experience in dealing with many types of addiction. These addiction professionals often hold Master’s and doctorate degrees and have many years of specialized training. These highly experienced professionals are able to utilize all therapy and treatment service options in order to create individualized plans of treatment that will fit each client’s unique and specific treatment needs and goals. Additionally, the staff at Florida drug rehabs are able to modify those treatment plans as each client’s needs change. This focus on personal and professional attention has helped make Florida the recovery capital of the world.

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Effective Treatment Programs that Are Proven To Work

Having countless treatment centers to choose from and experienced staff is great, but the bottom line question all addicts ask when looking for drug treatment is do your programs work? Many Florida drug and alcohol rehabs feature effective drug treatment programs that are proven to work, and those claims are backed up by solid research. In fact, many of the best rehab facilities in the state employ their own in-house research teams that explore cutting-edge treatment methods and therapy and create and test new treatment programs based on their research.

If you or a loved one is seeking help for your substance abuse and are seeking a fresh start, the recovery capital of Florida just may be the place for you. While many treatment facilities in the state claim to provide excellent programs and services, Guardian Recovery Network truly offers all client top notch treatment services and experienced and compassionate staff. Call us toll-free today at (888) 693-1894 and begin your recovery journey on the right foot.


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