Does your holiday gift list include someone who is on a sobriety journey? Are you looking for a special present that celebrates their achievement? Here are 5 holiday gift ideas that will complement a sober lifestyle and endear you to your friend or loved one in recovery.

1. An AeroGarden Countertop Vegetable Garden
Quality nutrition and healthy meals are an important part of recovery. The recipient of this countertop garden will enjoy fresh greens and herbs, year-round. As a bonus gift, include a recovery cookbook like The Sober Kitchen by Liz Scott.

2. Membership to a Local Gym or Yoga Studio
Exercise and yoga are effective ways to manage stress and restore physical strength that may have been depleted by substance misuse. Whether it’s a trial membership or paid dues for the entire year, your sober friend will thank you.

3. Commemorative Brick or Stepping Stone
Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a type of rebirth. Honor the achievement by making a charitable contribution to a school, hospital or nearby park that places commemorative bricks and pavers on their grounds. Etched with your friend’s name and sober date, this gift will serve as a permanent reminder of the accomplishment. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, make a stepping stone for your friend’s garden and embellish it with a sobriety medallion.

4. Meditation Screen
Meditation and reflection are important recovery practices, but a quiet place at home can be hard to find. A decorative screen allows an individual to create a serenity corner for meditation, yoga or journaling. Create a screen from old doors or shutters, or purchase a paneled screen and customize it with wallpaper or a soothing graphic.

5. Relapse Prevention Cards
This inexpensive gift makes a great stocking stuffer that your friend or loved one will use daily. When the stress of the holidays begins to undermine recovery, the gift recipient will have these wallet-sized reminders for support. Include inspirational quotes, Bible verses, 12-steps slogans or meaningful words from family and friends. These cards are a small gift that could have an untold impact on someone’s health and wellness journey.

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