When an addict enters drug rehab to address their substance abuse issues, they will undergo an individualized treatment program that combines the proven tried and true combination of individual and group therapy, life skills training, relapse prevention education and a host of aftercare program options. While these essential services are extremely beneficial in helping addicts overcome the totality of their substance abuse issues, these services may not be enough to help those new in recovery stay clean and sober in the long run. Drug addiction is a complex disease which affects the body, mind and spirit of the addict–and it may require other forms of intervention

Because of the complex nature of drug and alcohol addiction, the treatment program you choose should also include alternative or holistic therapies that can address the whole of your addiction. Among the most popular of these holistic approaches is yoga therapy. The discipline and structure found in yoga therapy programs are complimentary to 12-step based treatment and can help strength one’s program of recovery. If you feel yoga therapy will help raise your recovery game, call Guardian Recovery Network today and find out more about how our yoga therapy programs can help you achieve harmony in your sobriety and everyday life.

What is Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

yoga therapy

Yoga is an ancient healing technique that utilizes specific sets of physical postures and controlled breathing. This combination helps to lengthen and strengthen the spine, increase flexibility, calm and center the mind and help cultivate patience in those who practice yoga. In a drug treatment setting, yoga can help clients achieve a greater sense of control when they experience cravings, the urges to use and deal with detox symptoms such as irritability, agitation, and mood swings. These conditions can make those newly sober more susceptible to relapse.

A reputable yoga program is an excellent holistic therapy option because it helps those who are struggling with addiction manage their physical health as well as their emotional and spiritual well-being. When clients engage in regular yoga practice, they are able to significantly reduce their physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and help restore the body to optimal balance. Ultimately, regular yoga practice helps people revitalize and  rejuvenate their body and gives them a positive outlook on life.

How Yoga Therapy Benefits Those in Drug Treatment

As it was stated earlier in the article, the discipline, focus and structure of a yoga therapy program is an excellent addition to one’s individual plan of recovery and treatment during drug rehab. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis as part of  their treatment program can experience several great benefits that will give them a greater chance at experiencing long-term recovery. First, yoga techniques focus on the art of controlled breathing as a means of gaining control of one’s thoughts and emotions. This balancing effect in crucial early in the recovery process because thoughts and emotions can swing wildly and unpredictably and can be disorienting for those in treatment.

Secondly, the practicing of deep breathing techniques commonplace in yoga practice helps client facilitate physical control. The early period of recovering from substance abuse is often marked by intense feelings of anger and guilt. If these emotions aren’t handled in a healthy and appropriate manner, relapse is more likely–and any sobriety that is attained would be short-lived. Guided by an experienced yoga instructor, a yoga therapy program for substance abuse will teach techniques that combine inner and outer peace in a way that other forms of exercise can’t match.

The third and most important  benefit of yoga therapy programs found in drug treatment center is the fact that is helps bolster one’s spiritual connections with themselves and their environment. Developing a strong spiritual foundation is important part of 12-step treatment programs and it helps encourage clients to put their ego and pride aside and to reach outside themselves in order to ask for help. Additionally,  regular yoga practice also helps strengthen one’s spiritual connections through the use of meditation and prayer.

What Can You Expect From a Yoga Therapy Program?

If you are thinking about incorporating yoga into your individual program of recovery, you may feel unsure and even hesitant at first. You may think you need to be in tremendous physical shape or that you need to possess great skill and athleticism in order to master yoga techniques. In reality, a quality yoga program will help you discover that anyone can benefit from yoga practice. ANYONE. No matter your age, experience or fitness level, certified and experienced yoga instructors will take the time needed to speak with you and perform a comprehensive evaluation in order to find the right type of yoga program that will best suit your unique and specific needs.

Over time, you will learn to develop the proper deep breathing techniques needed to thoroughly calm and center your thoughts. Yoga instructors will allow give you the time and encouragement to learn and master the specific poses and series of poses that will stretch and strengthen your muscles. In addition to the physical benefits you get from yoga, a yoga therapy program also emphasizes the support and empowerment that is received from others who are with you in your recovery journey. It is these connections that can help you stay motivated and make breakthroughs in your recovery and your life.

Reap the Benefits Of Yoga Therapy Through Guardian Recovery Network’s Drug Treatment Programs

Addiction is a complex and powerful disease and it requires an effective multi-faceted approach in order for you to break free from its’ tight grip once and for all. In addition to traditional treatment programming such as therapy and life skills training, Guardian Recovery Network offers a yoga therapy program for addiction that can help boost your self-confidence and esteem and can help enhance the recovery process. If you want more information on how a yoga therapy program can benefit you and your recovery, call Guardian Recovery Network toll-free today and speak to one of our member representatives.


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Anna earned her Masters of Social Work at Barry University in Miami, FL in 2017 and completed her internship in co-occurring disorders. Anna has a Bachelors of Art in Religious Studies from Naropa University and is a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Anna has received specialized training in somatic counseling with an emphasis on body-centered psychotherapy.