Acknowledging your substance misuse or addiction is the starting point for a journey of self-discovery and healing that is unique to you. The map for your journey will depend on your addiction, your physical and mental health, your family, finances and responsibilities. In other words, choosing the right rehab program depends on you and your individual story.

The IOP Route to Recovery
IOP recovery programs offer comprehensive rehab treatment, much like the therapies you would receive in residential rehab, but in an outpatient setting. IOP sessions are scheduled to fit in with daily living, giving you both structure and freedom as you pursue recovery. The advantages of such treatment include:

• Ability to continue living at home, which saves on costs
• Therapy sessions integrated with work & family responsibilities
• Continued interaction & encouragement from loved ones
• Therapy for family members to improve home relationships
• Connection to a network of local doctors, therapists & support groups, which continues after IOP treatment

Therapies Available in IOP Treatment Programs
Like residential rehab, IOP programs begin with an assessment of your individual therapy needs. For those with medical conditions or dual diagnosis, individual therapy with a local clinician may be a part of the IOP schedule. Other therapies, modalities and educational classes are usually in group settings and may include:

• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Dialectical behavioral therapy
• Eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR)
• Life skills training
• Relapse prevention
• 12-step programs
• Family therapy
• Yoga or exercise therapy
• Meditation
• Gender-specific therapy
• Age-specific therapy

IOP programs allow for more personal freedom than residential treatment programs, but when an individual and family are committed to achieving recovery, result are comparable to the success rate of long-term rehab.

Evaluating Your Recovery Needs
IOP is not a good alternative for everyone. With some addictive substances, medical supervision is necessary during detox, and some severe addictions or co-occurring medical and mental disorders are best treated in a residential rehab setting. Conflict at home and pressure from old friends may also make IOP treatment a less desirable choice. If you have concerns, speak with an addiction specialist to evaluate the suitability of IOP for you.

Leaders in IOP Addiction Treatment
Innovative addiction treatment in southern Florida begins at Guardian IOP. Our Delray Beach outpatient rehab facility provides an intimate and comfortable setting where you can learn and practice the recovery skills you need to overcome addiction. Call us 24/7 at 855.571.1871 to speak with an addiction professional about Guardian IOP treatment and check insurance coverage.