The stresses and pressures of everyday life can physically, psychologically and spiritually wear a person down to a point where they feel lost, confused and defeated. For those who are recovering from substance abuse, day-to-day stress oftentimes can lead to thoughts of using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Relapse prevention is THE primary focus of those who are recovering from addiction, and in order to minimize stress and the occurrence of cravings which can lead back to substance use the recovering addict must have an array of effective coping skills at their disposal.

As a relapse prevention tool, breathwork therapy is a powerful holistic-based practice in which people learn to focus on controlled and conscious breathing in order to bring their mindset to the present in order to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Often used in conjunction with yoga therapy, breathwork therapy helps calm the anxiety that is often found in those who are in the early stages of recovery. Breathwork therapy is an essential part of the treatment programs that are offered at Guardian Recovery Network. If you would like to know more about the benefits of breathwork therapy, yoga therapy and our other therapy options, call us toll-free today.

Understanding Breathwork Therapy

breathwork therapy

Breathwork therapy is a therapeutic and meditative practice in which people learn techniques to consciously alter their normal breathing patterns which aim to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. The practice of breathwork draws from Eastern based practices such as yoga, tai chi and qigong while incorporating Western psychotherapy techniques. The practice of breathwork that is in current use had its origins during the 1960’s and 1970’s when there were significant shifts in cultural awareness about meditation, yoga and other consciousness-raising practices.

This unique form of holistic therapy can be done in an addiction treatment setting on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. In an addiction treatment setting with an experienced breathwork therapist, clients are guided through a series of breathing exercises in which they are able to alter their breathing patterns. It is believed these changes can help calm, center and focus the mind.

The use of this form of breath control has been used in various medical and spiritual practices for thousands of years. It is long been believed that changing the rate and flow of the respiratory cycle can bring forth profound shifts in consciousness, spiritual awareness, cognition and self-identity. When used as part of a comprehensive drug treatment program, the use of breathwork can help lead clients to a deeper sense of inner connection, a sense of  groundedness, emotional empowerment and an overall harmony of body and mind.

What Are the Main Goals of Breath-Work Therapy?

Much like yoga therapy and other holistic therapeutic disciplines, there are three main goals this practice achieves in helping those struggling with substance abuse overcome the issues that have kept them stuck in addiction.

Help Integrate the Body and Mind in a Therapeutic Sense

The main goal of breathwork therapy in addiction treatment is to help clients become more aware of the body-mind connection. To align the body and mind in complete harmony, clients learn how to breathe an open and healthy breath by focusing on the natural and uninhibited breathing patterns that most people started with as infants. Once that is achieved, breathwork therapists help clients learn to focus on what is called “picking up the inhale” or starting on the next breath immediately and closing that momentary gap between breaths.

This circular form of breathing allows clients to increase their focus on what they are feeling at the moment and it acts as a gateway for them to think about how the events and traumas of their past had shaped the progression of their addiction and them as people up to that point. The ability to open up their breathing allows clients to open themselves up, and as a result their defenses slowly come down. As a result, they can begin to heal the wounds of their past.

Personal Development

A second goal of breathwork therapy is to help clients work towards new and healthier levels of self-awareness. This increased awareness allows clients to truly assess their reality and what their purpose is in life. Additionally, breathwork helps those who practice develop a deeper and healthier relationship with their bodies as well as others. Clients are guided through a variety of techniques and tools that seek to engage and direct their life, creatively and with a sense of meaning and purpose. As a result, clients can improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Spiritual Empowerment

Lastly, breathwork therapy can help clients become more spiritually empowered and aware of themselves, others and the environment around them. This allows people to heal themselves and engage in meaningful self-discovery of who they truly are and how they are a part of something larger than themselves. It is said that deep and connected breathing can stimulate longer brainwave patterns that are present during deep sleep or other meditative states of consciousness.

During sessions, clients are encouraged to become aware of these moments of transcendence and explore their deepest feelings. When clients are in this deeper state, the therapist acts as a sort of mediator and encourages clients to assimilate and integrate these profound experiences into their understanding, and eventually into their day to day lives.

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