Cocaine is an illicit stimulant drug, known for increasing alertness and causing hyperactivity and lowering inhibitions. Cocaine comes in several different forms, though it most commonly comes as a white powder which is ingested nasally, or snorted. Cocaine can also be smoked or injected, depending on its form. The drug works by sending large amounts of dopamine to reward centers in the brain, causing feelings of euphoria and pleasure. As dopamine builds up, users feel an intense high – one that usually wears off within a couple of hours. Because the high wears off so quickly, the user will generally want to use greater amounts of the drug in order to prolong the high. This leads to rapid building of tolerance, which in turn leads to physical and psychological dependency.

Short-term effects of cocaine use might include feelings of intense happiness, mood swings, irritability, increased sensitivity to light and sound, decreased appetite and feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Long-term effects of cocaine abuse include heart disease, prolonged mood-related issues, lung damage, nasal cavity decay and permanent brain damage. If you’re addicted to cocaine, you’ll struggle with intense cravings for the drug. Because addiction is a disease of denial you will make up a million excuses as to why you should continue using and putting off recovery. “I can stop using next month when I have more time to go to treatment.” “My problem really isn’t that bad… I’ll quit using cocaine if I get into legal trouble.” While those in active addiction will never come to the conclusion “now is a good time to quit,” taking a look at the reasons we’ve compiled will help nudge you in the right direction. As it stands, quitting cocaine is ultimately up to you. While your loved ones might encourage you to quit, the decision lies in your hands. Fortunately, you won’t have to undergo the process alone. As soon as you make the decision to seek help, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Cocaine

1. Your physical, emotional and mental health.

Cocaine addiction will destroy your body, strip you of emotional regulation and ruin your mental health. Abusing cocaine for an extended period of time will lead to lasting problems and will affect your overall health long-term – potentially permanently. If you make the decision to go to treatment you will have the opportunity to get your health back on track. You might not yet be experiencing serious health-related issues but the longer you use the more at risk you will become.

2. Your family and your friends. 

You might be so in denial that you believe your addiction is only hurting you, and that your friends and family members should spend more time worrying about themselves. The truth is that your cocaine addiction is hurting everyone who loves you regardless of what you might think. Quitting will allow you to mend your relationships with your loved ones and become the daughter, son, parent, sibling, spouse or friend you were always meant to be.

3. Your reputation and self-esteem.

Active addiction destroys self-esteem, and when you feel bad about yourself and have no sense of self-worth, you’re more likely to engage in self-defeating behaviors. Self-defeating behaviors will ruin your reputation. People won’t trust you or rely on you and they’ll become used to being nothing more than disappointed. The only way to rebuild a damaged reputation and to build-self esteem is by getting sober and living a life of addiction recovery.

4. Your personal goals.

You probably don’t have any personal goals other than getting cocaine, using cocaine, and getting more cocaine. Once you get sober you’ll realize that you do have real goals – and not only that but you’ll actually be able to achieve them. Maybe you’ll decide to go back to school and graduate if you previously dropped out. Maybe you’ll decide to save up for a year and travel the world. No matter what your goals are, you’ll be able to see them through once you get and stay clean and sober.

5. Your financial security.

Cocaine has a reputation for being extremely expensive. That’s because it is. Cocaine addiction leads to debt and ongoing financial insecurity. Once you get sober you’ll realize that you’re able to save money. Soon you’ll be financially independent, paying your own rent and bills and not only working a job, but actually being a reliable and hard-working employee. All of these things further work to build self-esteem.

6. Your freedom.

Cocaine is an illicit substance and if you’re caught with this drug in your possession you’ll be locked up – no exceptions. Unfortunately, the legal system rarely takes pity on cocaine addicts and sticks them into addiction treatment (even if they desperately need it). Beyond your literal freedom, addiction will strip you of the ability to make your own decisions. You will lose your freedom in every sense of the word. Recovery will allow you to reclaim your life.

7. Your quality of life.

Those struggling with cocaine addiction live in a constant state of pain and fear. Fear of getting the next fix coupled with constant physical, emotional and mental pain. You may not even realize how much turmoil you’re in on a daily basis until you get sober and your quality of life starts improving – which it will… almost instantaneously.

8. Your ability to help others.

One of the most beautiful gifts of cocaine addiction recovery is your newfound ability to help other addicts. Once you get clean and sober and enter into a program of recovery you’ll start sharing your experience, strength and hope with other like-minded people. Once you realize that you can make a positive and lasting impact on other people just like you, you’ll understand why addiction recovery is so fulfilling.

9. Your potential.

You probably aren’t aware that you have any potential at all. You might feel like a waste of space – like you don’t even deserve a better quality of life. You do. Once you get sober and enter into a program of cocaine addiction recovery you’ll start tapping into your true potential. You’ll learn who you are and what you’re capable of, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Unfortunately, you’ll never tap into your potential if you continue to use cocaine.

10. Your future. 

You deserve a better quality of life and you deserve a fair shot at a fulfilled future. If you keep using cocaine you’ll dig yourself into a deeper and deeper hole; interpersonal consequences will continue piling up around you, making overcoming your addiction seem even more unconquerable. There is no better time to invest in your future than right now.

Cocaine Addiction Recovery

Committing to long-term cocaine addiction recovery might seem like a tall order, but once you get started you’ll find that taking things one day at a time makes a world of difference. Our program of cocaine addiction recovery is specially tailored to your unique needs, and offers a comprehensive continuum of care from medically monitored detox to inpatient addiction treatment. For more information on our program of recovery give us a call, we are available to answer any and all questions you have.


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