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Methamphetamine is a potent and highly addictive stimulant drug, one that is classified as a Schedule II stimulant drug by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Some common effects associated with methamphetamine use include increased energy and activity, increased talkativeness and sociability, decreased appetite and weight loss and a sense of euphoria that is intense and relatively short lasting. According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, roughly 1.6 million American adults reported using this potent stimulant drug within the past year. During the same year, it was estimated that 964,000 Americans over the age of 12 suffered at the hands of a diagnosable methamphetamine use disorder. In order for a disorder to be diagnosable, the individual must suffer from clinically significant impairment and a wide range of serious personal consequences, including issues at home, work or school, health problems and other disruptions to day-to-day life. One year prior, there were a reported 684,000 people who suffered from a diagnosable methamphetamine use disorder – rates of addiction and abuse continue to rise throughout the country.

Despite increasing rates of abuse, the majority of men and women who struggle from a methamphetamine use disorder will never seek or receive the professional care they so desperately need. This is not because resources are unavailable to them – there are thousands of methamphetamine treatment centers throughout the country, ranging from medically monitored detox facilities to residential treatment programs. At Guardian IOP we offer a comprehensive and individualized outpatient treatment program, one that serves as a continuation of clinical care and offers additional support and continued therapeutic intervention as clients navigate early recovery. Because methamphetamine is such a powerfully addictive drug, it is highly recommended that a higher level of clinical care is completed before a client transfers into our outpatient rehab program.

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Our Outpatient Methamphetamine Rehab Services

Our outpatient methamphetamine rehab programs range from less structured and more flexible to more intense and involved. Guardian IOP offers a flexible level of clinical care, but provides its clients with intensive therapeutic treatment that closely resembles the treatment provided by most reputable, residential rehab programs. Our dedicated team of professionals has decades of combined experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health, and has developed a program of recovery that incorporates traditional therapeutic care with effective holistic treatment modalities.

The therapeutic services we provide as part of our comprehensive outpatient treatment program include:

  • Demographic-specific treatment options – Breaking down group therapy sessions into more specific demographics allows for a more focused treatment experience and a higher level of individualized care. In addition to offering male and female-specific treatment, we offer a treatment program specifically designed for older adults, adults and younger adults.
  • Individual and group therapy – Intensive therapeutic care is the backbone of our comprehensive treatment program. We offer individual therapy sessions that take place once a week and group therapy sessions that take place on a more consistent basis. In one-on-one therapy, clients have the opportunity to delve deeper into their personal problems, working through contributing factors and underlying disorders in a safe environment. Group therapy sessions focus on a range of recovery-related topics, and allow for peer support and encouragement as clients work through challenges associated with early recovery in a communal setting.
  • Family therapy – At Guardian IOP we believe in the importance of family involvement during every stage of the recovery process. We offer professionally facilitated family therapy sessions for the loved ones of our clients, and our team gladly offers additional support and guidance whenever necessary.
  • Relapse prevention training – Our individualized program of relapse prevention training helps clients identify and work through personal relapse triggers. We teach the coping mechanisms necessary to maintain sobriety through a variety of effective treatment methods, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
  • Life skills training – Our life skills training program helps our clients develop the skills they need in order to smoothly reintegrate into society. We teach our clients a number of valuable skills, including maintaining physical health through diet and exercise, finding and maintaining an appropriate job, working towards financial independence, returning to school, engaging in self-care and setting and maintaining personal boundaries.
  • 12-step program immersion – We thoroughly educate our clients on 12-step methods of recovery like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, while requiring 12-step program involvement. We require our clients to attend at least one 12-step meeting every day while actively working through the steps with a sponsor of their choosing.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options – We offer dual diagnosis treatment options for clients who simultaneously struggle with a mental health disorder, like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.
  • Personalized aftercare planning – While clinical treatment might end as outpatient rehab concludes, it is absolutely crucial that every client has a long-term aftercare plan in place. In most instances, these aftercare plans include a continuation of 12-step program involvement and a continuation of one-on-one therapy (and psychiatric care in the case of dual diagnosis disorders). Aftercare plans will be personalized and could include any number of additional recovery-related services based on the unique needs of each individual client.

We offer an integrated program of clinical care for men and women who have been struggling with methamphetamine abuse and who have already completed a higher level of care or who are in need of a more flexible treatment option.

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Methamphetamine and Outpatient Rehab

Because methamphetamine is such a highly addictive chemical substance, it is always recommended that individuals commit to a multi-phased program of clinical care – one that includes medical detox, residential rehab and intensive outpatient treatment. However, there are some circumstances in which outpatient treatment can serve as a stand-alone option. These include:

  • The methamphetamine abuse disorder has not yet progressed, and hasn’t resulted in any significant personal consequences. For example, if you or your loved one has just begun experimenting with methamphetamine and wants to nip the situation in the bud before it progresses, outpatient treatment is likely an ideal option.
  • You or your loved one has personal responsibilities or obligations that cannot be stepped away from for months at a time. These obligations could include serving as the primary caretaker for one or more dependents or working a career that requires ongoing attention. We understand that every case of substance abuse is unique, and that some of our clients require more flexible care than others.
  • Financial limitations. Completing three months of residential treatment might not be possible for financial reasons. Our outpatient treatment program is just as intensive, but as far less committal – and for this reason, it is more affordable than traditional inpatient care. We also work closely with most major regional and national health insurance providers, making our clinical program even more accessible.

If you have recently completed a higher level of clinical care, or if any of the above circumstances applies to you, reach out to us today for more information on our outpatient methamphetamine rehab.

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If you or a loved one is suffering at the hands of a methamphetamine abuse disorder, Guardian IOP can help. our predominant goal is to provide our clients and their families with the therapeutic intervention and ongoing assistance they need to heal thoroughly and permanently. By utilizing a range of effective addiction treatment methods, we teach our clients how to maintain sobriety as they transition back into society. To learn more about our flexible, integrated and highly personalized outpatient treatment program give us a call today at (888) 693-1894, we are available to help you 24/7.